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Are we getting like Arsenal?

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Something that seems to be creeping in might be the dreaded perfect goal syndrome? I thought about the Arsenal game and how many chances we had , but it still took a defender to score.

It left me wondering if we need a less talented but more clinical striker in there.

Cast your mind to Rooney's great chance and Ronaldo's volley. Lesser players would have just got a solid hit on the ball and tried to make sure they hit the target. Both chances were fantastic opportunities but both times the keeper had nothing to do. If time was re-wound and someone like Solskjaer was given these chances what do you think would have happened?

Don't get me wrong Ole you were a legend but you were no Rooney or Ronaldo. But at least you would hit the target.

The move that lead to the Rooney chance was great but it means diddly squat without that net bulging. I just get the feeling that a lower league out and out striker might have done better because he would not have been trying to do anything else but hit the target. Let's face it , there is one absolute guarantee if you don't get shots on target - 100% certainty you WILL not score.

There's just this little bit of flashy fancy dan stuff that's crept in. I don't like it.
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I dont think we are 'getting like Arsenal'. We are just NOT converting the chances
that we normally would be putting away. This will come in time as the season
wears on. We still have Berba and Ronaldo to reach top form/fitness as well as
players like Nani, Tevez, Carrick and Anderson to start improving their finishing and chipping in with some more goals.

As for Rooney, he seems to be missing a few in recent games but it wasnt too long
ago he was our form player, banging them in for fun. We have had a tough run
of games/luck and our time will come sooner rather than later. Im sure of it.
The 'flashy fancy dan stuff' you are talking about is more about our style of play
and the skillful players that are in our team, like Ron, Roo, Berba and co...
With those 3 attacking other teams of course there will be some fancy, flashy stuff.
What else do you expect? Those 3 have scored 17 goals between them already
this season, which isnt a bad return considering the tough games we have been involved in.
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No, we are not that good ............................

check the stats for forward goals this season, not counting winger Ronaldo. Bloody awful striker stats!
I do think we are beoming like Arsenal - but not in the same way you do.

Arsenal have always been a team where, when the chips are down and things aren't going well tend to resort to kicking he opposition (see the FA Cup match last season with Hoyte, Flamini, Gallas ect).

We recently have been doing this and it shows a complete lack of class IMO. When hull scored 2 goals vs us we were lucky not to have had BOTH Rooney and Tevez sent off (feet left he gound)

That is the major gripe I have with Arsenal so I'd hate it if we started doing the same thing.
Rooney got too solid a hit on the one he blasted over the bar, all he needed was more composure and to keep it down and ronaldos, to goalie spread himself pretty well so he had to go for the corner and mi**** it a little on his foot.

Personally i dont think we're getting like arsenal at all and i'd rather be like arsenal than any other team in the premiership in terms of football played to be honest.

As for the 'fancy dan' stuff...we're man united...I hope to see loads more of that in the season to be honest!! Huge clubs like united, madrid, barca and milan have certain styles of playing the game and one is to have exciting players...the best players in the world...who are all 'fancy dans' and with the roster of attacking players united have, its only natural our play will contain alot of flair and tricks...our players will want oimprove and get better to.

Like jazz said, mostly this season its not been about looking for the perfect goal...its been about taking our chances in terms of our attacking players and not having ronnie available at the start of the season was a big handicap for us with him being our best player easily.

What we really need to do imo is sort out the defensive mistakes and get carrick fit and on form asap because we need to create more through the middle and keep clean sheets...Because most of the time we score anyway. :)

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desmondo said:
"Are we getting like Arsenal"
What, French? :p
lmao - are we becoming arsenal !!!!??

that's ecactly what i said against celtic !
You have a point.

If they make the keeper work, it might just fall to an on-rushing striker like against Celtic and then sombody can put it into the net.

Instead they're trying to be elaborate with their shots.

It's funny though because Rooney's effort after Park's step-over should have just been slammed at the keeper and his other opportunity should have been placed instead of rugby-kicked for a throw-in.

Thing is, when I think of the Arsenal team of 06/07, that wasn't the problem. The problem is they passed the ball still within the box looking to make a move that would be featured on ESPN's play of the day.

So they were over-elaborate in that sense. when it finally did fall to a striker's foot in did end up in the back of the net. With us, the ball gets to a striker and end up in row Z :rolleyes:
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Rooney had allot of pressure on him against arsenal

it was a decisive match that can boost our tittle hopes
if he was about to score it would have been his 100th goal
against the club he scored his first goal ever (arsenal)

don't tell me thats easy
^ whahaha dont be a kid.
im sure rooney was obsessed by thoughts like " wow i scored my first goal against arsenal and now i can score the 100th against the same team "
gimme a break. the pressure on rooney was the same as on every other player.
my first post since joining forum!!!

but i couldnt agree more about us over playing the ball.we seem to want to get that 1 xtra pass in the play b4 we have a shot at goal rather than just goin direct at times.

look at celtic game for example.we over played the ball continusly and never looked like scoring until ronaldo cracked a shot frm distance and giggsy got d rebound.same problem against arsenal until rafael scored that screamer.

im not sure if fergie has worked out d propersystem to accomodate berbatov and this could b d reason we are over playing!
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