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I dont think we are 'getting like Arsenal'. We are just NOT converting the chances
that we normally would be putting away. This will come in time as the season
wears on. We still have Berba and Ronaldo to reach top form/fitness as well as
players like Nani, Tevez, Carrick and Anderson to start improving their finishing and chipping in with some more goals.

As for Rooney, he seems to be missing a few in recent games but it wasnt too long
ago he was our form player, banging them in for fun. We have had a tough run
of games/luck and our time will come sooner rather than later. Im sure of it.
The 'flashy fancy dan stuff' you are talking about is more about our style of play
and the skillful players that are in our team, like Ron, Roo, Berba and co...
With those 3 attacking other teams of course there will be some fancy, flashy stuff.
What else do you expect? Those 3 have scored 17 goals between them already
this season, which isnt a bad return considering the tough games we have been involved in.
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