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Rooney got too solid a hit on the one he blasted over the bar, all he needed was more composure and to keep it down and ronaldos, to goalie spread himself pretty well so he had to go for the corner and mi**** it a little on his foot.

Personally i dont think we're getting like arsenal at all and i'd rather be like arsenal than any other team in the premiership in terms of football played to be honest.

As for the 'fancy dan' stuff...we're man united...I hope to see loads more of that in the season to be honest!! Huge clubs like united, madrid, barca and milan have certain styles of playing the game and one is to have exciting players...the best players in the world...who are all 'fancy dans' and with the roster of attacking players united have, its only natural our play will contain alot of flair and tricks...our players will want oimprove and get better to.

Like jazz said, mostly this season its not been about looking for the perfect goal...its been about taking our chances in terms of our attacking players and not having ronnie available at the start of the season was a big handicap for us with him being our best player easily.

What we really need to do imo is sort out the defensive mistakes and get carrick fit and on form asap because we need to create more through the middle and keep clean sheets...Because most of the time we score anyway. :)

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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