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Something that seems to be creeping in might be the dreaded perfect goal syndrome? I thought about the Arsenal game and how many chances we had , but it still took a defender to score.

It left me wondering if we need a less talented but more clinical striker in there.

Cast your mind to Rooney's great chance and Ronaldo's volley. Lesser players would have just got a solid hit on the ball and tried to make sure they hit the target. Both chances were fantastic opportunities but both times the keeper had nothing to do. If time was re-wound and someone like Solskjaer was given these chances what do you think would have happened?

Don't get me wrong Ole you were a legend but you were no Rooney or Ronaldo. But at least you would hit the target.

The move that lead to the Rooney chance was great but it means diddly squat without that net bulging. I just get the feeling that a lower league out and out striker might have done better because he would not have been trying to do anything else but hit the target. Let's face it , there is one absolute guarantee if you don't get shots on target - 100% certainty you WILL not score.

There's just this little bit of flashy fancy dan stuff that's crept in. I don't like it.
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