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marty davidson said:
Are we going to buy any new players this summer. All other other top teams have splash cash on new players. Yes we have been linked to players but nothing has come from it. We need a 30 goalscorer striker.
Should we splash the cash just to please the fans or just because others are buying or should the club actually buy what we need?

And also, Ferguson said a few times he's only going to fetch one player.

I dont think we're going to sign anyone before Christmas.

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ronaldo will stay............berbatov is on his way..........and spurs losing two top striker and leaves bent and dos santos as their main striker............we can dream to be in the champion league final again............hopefully we will win treble this season.................we should because we are the best team in the world..............
let fergie do his work.............

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i still think Dimitar Berbatov will sign for us...i had the same feeling with Tevez last year..even though we all know what United had to go through to succeed...if Ronaldo doesn;t leave..Dimitar will be our only signing this year

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piazza said:
Does anyone else remember the story where we were supposed to have a 50 mil, transfer budget?
we have a budget of what Fergie wants mate, our club isn't like others where theres an allocated budget to the manager, why would there be as we're the best club in England Europe and most probably the world, basically how it works is if Fergie wants a player worth 20 30 40 million we will go and try to buy them. It's how clubs should be run and managed, fully trust the manager and it will pay off for example last season fergie was trusted to spend and we win the European cup and the Premier league, i do believe we'll get Berbatov and i think thats the only player we actually need, if Berbatov isn't possible i'd love to see Aguero but i cant see that happening, it will Berbatov or nobody in my opinion but i wouldnt be too dissapointed, still the best squad by miles

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I believe just like many on here and like Fergie...all what we lack at the moment is a out and out striker who will get us that 25+ goals per season. The person I want the most is Berbatov and I can't wait to order the new white away kit with his name and number lol

What the next problem would be is that sooner rather than later we have to replace our older generations. Its better to do it before and let them adapt than to buy one right after a player retires because then clubs will hold us at ransom since we MUST have a certain player. Yes atm we got Nani back up for Giggs, Anderson back up for Scholsey and etc BUT we do need 2 players in each position...when Scholes for eg retires and Anderson comes up we still need a back up if you all know what I mean...I think this issue should be dealt with next summer and the scouting should begin from January but yeah.

I also read this very intersting article which is suitable for this thread on

A battle to stay on top
By Norman Hubbard

Champions of England and Europe, acclaimed as the most relentless attacking force on the continent, Manchester United looked set for a decade of dominance. It is not 2008, however, but 1999. The subsequent nine years were scarcely unsuccessful - five Premier League titles were secured before they conquered the continent again, so it hardly represented a decline of Leeds United proportions - but the lofty predictions were not realised. Sir Alex Ferguson took to accepting that a third European Cup should have been won long before it was in Moscow in May.

So 1999 did not precipitate a collapse; United retained their domestic title for a further two seasons. But in hindsight, it might be regarded as an opportunity missed. Of the four signings made that summer, two were regrettable - Mark Bosnich and Massimo Taibi - and two merely satisfactory, Quinton Fortune and Mikael Silvestre. Thus far this summer United are yet to sign anyone, and acrimony surrounds their principal target.

There are parallels, too, in the composition of the squad. Nine years ago, only Peter Schmeichel and, to a lesser extent, Teddy Sheringham, did not appear to have a long-term future. Now Edwin van der Sar is the veteran goalkeeper and, Gary Neville, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs excepted, it is another youthful squad.

But the similarities with 1999 may prove a cause for concern at Old Trafford. The best position from which to buy is one of strength and they have never been stronger. Nine years ago, the arrivals were underwhelming; now they risk starting the season with a worse team on the pitch and in the dugout.

United stood still in 1999. Now, through little fault of their own, they could go backwards. Carlos Queiroz, the consigliere who has branched out to become the boss of his own family, is gone to Portugal; Cristiano Ronaldo, the sharpshooter responsible for pulling the trigger on inferior opponents, is starting to look like a gun for hire to the bigger bidders from the Bernabeu.

While Sir Alex Ferguson's defiance last week earned headlines, Ronaldo has never been for sale. That has not deterred Real. When Giggs, a survivor of the generation of '99, urged his younger team-mates not to wait nine years for a further taste of continental supremacy, he forgot to specify that he meant in Manchester, not Madrid. But the consequence of the Ronaldo saga is that uncertainty has replaced optimism as the prevailing emotion.

Yet there should be sympathy for Ferguson. Neither situation is of his creation. In both cases, he has provided reasons for the architects of United's success to stay. Both, however, are proof that visible progress can be counter-productive, with envious glances directed at the assistant manager and star turn alike.

Ferguson may get his wish and keep Ronaldo, but the effect has been destabilising nonetheless. The Portuguese has endangered his relationship with the United support; the unstoppable momentum that propelled him onto the scoresheet with remarkable regularity seems gone. With a sense his motives may be selfish, team-mates may prove less willing to sacrifice themselves for Ronaldo's benefit; Wayne Rooney, for instance, occupied a deeper or a wider role to allow the nominal winger to operate as a centre-forward. And the longer uncertainty surrounds his future, the less time United have to recruit a replacement if he does depart. It will not be easy: 42 goal wingers are few and far between.

In attack, Ferguson's target is well chosen. Dimitar Berbatov would become a high-calibre signing, and is the type of player who can add another dimension to the forward line. In addition, he would strengthen a department short of personnel, though not quality. The holy trinity - Carlos Tevez, Rooney and Ronaldo - could yet become a fantastic four, but the worst-case scenario is that they will be reduced to a double act. Two rancorous situations are unlikely to both be resolved in the champions' favour. Tottenham's complaints, whether justified or not, about United's conduct in the Berbatov affair add to a summer of discontent.

So what should have been Ferguson's easiest summer has become has hardest. A position at the top has brought attention from snipers, not converts to the cause. Issues go beyond personnel. The unofficial title of the world's biggest club may be at stake. It would be a dent to United's pride and a boost to some already rather sizeable egos at the Bernabeu if Ronaldo could be lured away.

He has served as a distraction from all other players. That may not beneficial; attention elsewhere may have provided a focus on the United squad. In 1999, there was not the recognition that, fine footballers as both remained, Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke had both just enjoyed the best season of their careers. The question can be asked if the same now applies to, say, Wes Brown; given Ferguson's earlier interest in Jose Bosingwa, a right-back may have been on the agenda before he pronounced he intended to make a solitary signing. Likewise, the admiration of Miguel Veloso - perhaps fuelled by Queiroz - may have faded. That is not to suggest dispensing with a successful and exhilarating team; merely that Old Trafford should be a more enticing destination, and the Manchester rain less of an obstacle, when it houses the European champions.
On the two previous occasions that was the case, it did not provide a springboard for greater achievements. Given Chelsea's heavy expenditure, the modern-day United could do much worse than emulate the team of 1999 by winning a hat-trick of Premier League title. The other issue, however, is whether they could do so much more, and the fear the events of this summer could ultimately hinder them.

So people, what is your views? I think we need at least 1 signing (striker) and maybe a defender for a long term replacement of Neville like I'v stated above about the older generation...but imo Neville should be like a brand new signing next season and will be a really good team player and if we don't sell Saha and if he can stay fit we shall also have a new signing there and plus we got the Silva twins comming in and Manucho so yeah

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this is a good one stop shop for all the transfer/news/gossip

it also has a quick reference to all completed transfers

i look at it every day waiting hoping for some hint of a deal involving us but alas it has yet to come.

previous seasons we have splashed the cash early in the transfer market

maybe be this is why we are debating this very thread

but maybe were being sly and not revealing any (part from berbs) of our targets

so chelski cant just offer him double the wages to join them instead (essien,j.m.o, ...)

i do expect to sign berbs but i think there may just be 1 or 2 totaly out of left field

either just b4 season start or window closes

keep the faith we still got best starrting 11 in prem

and we can always laugh at the arse

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marty davidson said:
We need a 30 goalscorer striker.
No we don't !

261 goals in 2 years !!

We scored the most for the past 2 years !

Why do we need a 30 goal striker ?

It would be nice to sign a top class striker of course.

But not a necessity ...

sparkic said:
I believe just like many on here and like Fergie...all what we lack at the moment is a out and out striker who will get us that 25+ goals per season. The person I want the most is Berbatov and I can't wait to order the new white away kit with his name and number lol.................
Jesus ... there's no way I could read that post, lol.

Makes my eyes go funny.
You need to make the column
a bit more narrow and it's much
easier to read. When we get
the new software we need to
look into the format of posts so
they come out looking like a
newspaper column I think.
Nice and narrow like I made
this paragraph :)

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I am sure Fergie has the ball rolling now on this. The papers are just making up stories about Berbatov not coming now because they have no other news to make up on the is all being concluded under wraps expecially after Levy's outburst last week.

Fergie conducts his business discretly - who saw nani and Ando coming!
I expect the same on this and i am sure we will here as soon as.
He will get the number 9 jersey as Saha's days appear to be numbered.

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Yes we will. Have faith in Fergie. Negotations probably came to a halt while Fergie and the squad were away on pre season but now we any negotations should pick up pace and maybe in a couple of weeks we'll be welcoming our new signing into the Theatre of Dreams :p.

Names such as Eto'o, Huntelaar, David Villa, Henry (WTF?!) and of course Berbatov have all been throw into the mix as United's pre season games in Africa came to an end.

Its only a matter of time.
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