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Utd's Solskjaer to be knighted by Norwegian king

Solskjaer will be presented with a medal designating him a Knight Class 1 of the
Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav in his hometown of Kristiansund on March 29,
the royal palace said Friday.

The Norwegian striker, who retired at age 34 in August due to a knee injury,
scored 128 goals in 367 matches in 11 years at Manchester United.

Nicknamed "The Baby-Faced Assassin" for his youthful looks and ability to score
crucial goals, Solskjaer was also enormously popular with Red Devils' fans for his
modest manner.

"What is being honored are his attitudes, his way of being. He is a role model for
children and young people," said Egil Vindorum, head of the Oslo place
chancellery. "What he did on the soccer field has nothing to do with it. We'll leave
that to others, like the Norwegian Football Federation."

Kristiansund mayor Dagfinn Ripnes was among those who wrote to the royal
palace urging the king to give Solskjaer one of Norway's highest honors.

"Many in his position become playboys and suffer symptoms from being a star,"
Ripnes told the local newspaper Tidens Krav. "Ole Gunnar remained the same
down-to-earth, good guy."

The Order of St. Olav was created in 1847 by the Swedish-Norwegian King Oscar I
and is named for Viking King Olav the Holy, who is credited with bringing
Christianity to Norway about 1,000 years ago. The Order remained in Norway
after its union with Sweden was dissolved in 1905.

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god i love everything about him. out of everyone that has ever left the club i've missed him the most. nothing could beat seeing him score. that goal against Charlton was special for all united supporters. and he managed 11 goals, best goal to game ratio in prem last season.
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