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I don't like saying this because I actually hate l'arse even more than the dippers. But, 'if' they can get/remain healthy and 'if' they can keep their top players, l'arse could be our main titlle challengers next season.

However, those are two very big 'ifs'.

Should villa win today, I can't see l'arse catching them up for fourth place. If they do not finish in a CL spot, there is a good chance that key players will jump ship - Fabregas is at the top of that list. As a result, l'arse could continue their slide down the table in 09-10.

Ironically, their best chance of CL survival might just be the free-falling shrivelpool. There's no telling how the comical end of yet another title challenge and the endless front office high-jinx will affect them.

Whatever, it should be fun to watch. :eyepopping:
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