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there really off the boil this yr! wen villa went fourth it was funny, now im startin to feel sorry for the gooners.... not! so there now there gone 4 games 0-0, the 1-0 in CL against roma was a pen, personally i think their impotence in front of goal is a result of a llack of confidence. i dont think the players believ they can catch villa, so in their logic scoring and winnin still wont make a diff in where they finish. bit of an odd theory i know!

secondly injuries, there missing the fulcrum of their of there side in flabergast. he will be a big boost for them when he comes back to run the midfield. eduardo will get the goals wen he gets back in the team as his 2 goals against cardiff showed. but as said in prev posts, they need a tough tackling CM too.

I think they will finish 5th but couldn rule out 4th.
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