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i see exactly where your coming from but i think you have to consider liverpool in that aswell. even tho theyv won two games and got into the CL groups look how theyv played. they have no creativity. a fanastic forward but thats it. rafa will make a big signing then 10 nobodys, is that much different from arsenal.

I would not be at all surprised if city and someone else joins the top four this year with us and chelsea.

thing is with arsenal is that its not the fact he aint spending big money its the fact their is hardly any signings at all. theirs no depth in their squad.
so if you look at how they played against newcastle you would say it was brilliant, arsenal at their best. but now that team that put out that performance have got to go out and do that every week now without any rotation. no rests....and just like last season i can see them dropping like flies but the problem is this year is teams outside the top four are getting bigger and better with more money and signings involved. so not only will they be holding us and chelsea on their tired legs come feb march but also spurs portsmouth villa city and so on

if i was a gooner id be a very worried one right now
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