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Just a quick thought about Arsenal.

Looking at the transfers that have taken place this summer Arsenal have shown that they are going to have a hard time remaining competitive over the next few years.

Look at how much other clubs are signing and compare that to Arsenal. Then look at the players they've sold. Two of they're main midfielders and a brilliant young CB in Senderos. Yes, Senderos is brilliant. If you're thinking i'm mad saying this then think back to when he played with Keown and they had their unbeaten run. They went for something like 10 games in the UCL without conceeding. But this is not about Senderos anyway.

Arsenal have sold players, brought in tosh and untested players. Abedayor looks like he'll be off at the end of the season and I wouldn't be surprised if Fabregas followed him out of the door.

Teams like City and Spurs will be catching them up in two seasons and if anyone drops out of the top four i feel it will be them. Their squad is weak, they have no money and their defence to me looks very thin. What is Gallas or Clichy picks up an injury? Do they have decent cover?

Arsenal are the team that will drop out this season if anyone does. Liverpool have spent enough to remain safe, ourselves - well we'll be fine ofc, Chelsea are far too strong to get anywhere near fourth or fifth.

I can really see City, Villa, Spurs catching up with Arsenal over the next two seasons. Can you?
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