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You know the way a team usually has a turning point in their season. Arsenal losing to Seville .Was that a turning point in Arsenal’s season as they have been on such good form. Is that a serious reality check for Arsenal?

Is the sudden defeat, going to leave its mark? Remember United lost to City then look, the goals started to flow! That seemed to be a turning point for United!

Maybe be a bit soon to say that, but let me know!

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I doubt it very much.....

They have already qualified for the next round anyway......

So this is no big deal for those boys......

Arsenal's big test is the ACN......

If they come through that period intact......

They will be right there in the run to the Prem League Championship along with United..........:eek:

Adebayor not going is a blow though Grrrrrrrrrr....

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It will be more interesting to see how they deal with their first defeat in the Prem.

As Carly says, they have to cope with the ACON in January and December is a huge month for them with 5 away games in the league and 2 at home (against Chelsea and Spurs!)

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Who cares what Arsenal do.

We need do just focus on us.

I don't care about speculation, you can speculate anything. It may or may not lead to a drop in form. Who knows...

What matters is that we win our matches and capitalise if they do mess up.

And yeah, ACON will screw them. Somehow i don't see it affecting us! Fergie knows all too well the consquences of relying on Africans. It screws you mid season because of the internationals.

I hate managers who complain about it. They knew they'd be playing for their country mid season.
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