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Anthony Annan, who recently completed a trial with Blackburn Rovers, who were expected to sign him, has confirmed that Arsenal and Racing Santander are also in the race for his signature. But the 22-year-old says his dream move would be to Old Trafford.

Annan is currently with Norwegian side IK Start. He had a trial with Blackburn and was set to sign for Rovers if they could agree a deal.

But that was before several other clubs became alerted to Annan’s availability and joined the hunt to sign a player described as the new Essien.

Annan was a Manchester United fan as a boy and although he is not aware of any approach from United, joining them would be his dream move.

“I know that Racing Santander, Blackburn and Arsenal are interested,” he told

“I have not heard anything about the United interest myself. I let my agent manage this.

“United was my favourite club as a child. If I get the chance, it would be a dream for me. I cross my fingers that something will happen in the next days.”

Setanta Sports report that IK Start executive Rune Jakobsen has confirmed Arsenal’s interest. Apparently the Gunners have been to watch him ‘a couple of times.’

But neither United nor AC Milan have tabled an offer as yet.

“There has not been anything concrete, but I do not rule out that something is going on now,” said Jakobsen.

“If things happen, it often happens quickly.”

Annan could take part in Start’s Uefa Cup clash against Rennes on Thursday, which could potentially complicate a move by leaving the player cup-tied for Europeasn games.

“We will, in principle, not refuse to play Annan in the game,” Jakobsen added. “If teams in the Uefa Cup are interested, they have to buy Annan before Thursday.

“I expect that there are a number of clubs sweating a bit because of that now.”
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