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Arsenal V Blackburn

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any thoughts about the match today...

who do you think is going to win it?
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And then Blackburn have played nice, i hope it will be a draw, but for saying that i have to be high.
Arsenal is vulnerable

Not a single change in the whole game.

Arsenals width of their team today makes me suspicious about how they actually can succeed. They keep winning but soon it has to stop

Bench lineup today:

21. Fabianski, Lukasz
26. Bendtner, Nicklas
30. Traore, Armand
31. Hoyte, Justin
46. Gilbert, Kerrea

Since they made NO changes, it have to mean that these 5 player aint " top Premier League material " and they're not.

Of course, they have some players missing but still.

I really think Manchester will win the league. Arsenal can't stand a chance to the other teams in the top four. according to me, at least it should be that way.

United width will take them to the top again, and then we will stay there.
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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