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Cesc Fabregas says his future at Arsenal is NOT tied to manager Arsene Wenger.
Fabregas said: "Although I still recognise how vital Arsene Wenger has been to my career my immediate future is not linked to him.

"I adore his style of play, I enjoy my role in this team but decisions about a career and my immediate future need to be weighed up with other factors in mind - for example like how competitive we are in terms of winning trophies.

"I've got no thoughts of leaving Arsenal right now - I love their style, I love London and the coach puts his faith in me.

"But, in general, I have four dream teams - Arsenal is obviously one but also I'd count Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid."

Asked whether he would ever join Manchester United if they came in for him Fabregas, even then, left the door slightly ajar.

"You can never say never in football because your professional life is full of unexpected changes and surprises," he told Spanish newspaper Marca. "But, I'd have to say, I would try to avoid such a situation."
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