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The Daily Mail is reporting that Arsene Wenger quite fancies a bit of Dimitar
Berbatov, and isn't afraid to mount an audacious bid. Wenger said of Berbatov's
performance in the weekend's North London derby:

“Berbatov is a bit like Thierry, he doesn't turn up where you want him to be. Left,
right, centre, he goes everywhere. He has the same temperament as Thierry,
too. He shows his emotions. He was outstanding today.â€

So it looks like a Wenger is an admirer, but who isn't? Scrambling for more
evidence to back up this tenuous yuletide transfer log, the Daily Mail claims that
added to the fact that Wenger ‘is an admirer', Berbatov is struggling with life at

“Berbatov looked unhappy at times against Arsenal, throwing his arms into the air
in disgust at poor passes or missed chances but he has had a reported £20m
price tag put on his head and said last week he did not want to leave as he
loved the club an its fans.â€
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