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arsene wenger

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is it me or all arsene wenger does or says is;

diddnt see it

blame fergie


moan alot


ring FA to koan some more

press to ignore call's from thierry henry wanting to come back

go on about arsenals kids

dont win much

ask oliver holt to crawl some more

send moaning into overdrive
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Annoys me when he goes on bout how young his team is Man Utd's team when we met earlier had a younger average age, and half the team he puts in worthless cup are first team squad members, so u expect them to be good they all have Premier league experiance.
Would like some reconition that we have a good youth policy, all seems to go to Arsenal when theese pundits talk.
Arsene Wenger is exactly the same as Fergie - everything he says, does, puts in his dustbin, is scrutinised, dissected, misreported and blatantly lied about. He is a very good manager and is entitled to his own opinion on anything he wishes to speak about. Or, in 99% of the cases, whatever stupid questions reporters ask him.
Arsene Wenger, for his many faults, is still comfortably the second best manager in Britain, his vision for Arsenal and how they should play football is something we should all be glad of because it has pushed football in the EPL to far greater heights than before, we should just count ourselves lucky that we have had the wily Scot to keep us ahead of the game. Managers like Ferguson and Wenger, who plan ahead and keep raising the bar, are so rare. Benitez is not fit to share column inches with either.
slap u lar said:
wenger is a self righteous knob

You are fond of him then! :D :D
Anderson's God said:
You are fond of him then! :D :D
I am.....

Well not fond of him.....

But I respect he does a good job of course....

If Fergie never existed Wenger would have been League Champion for many years....

Sad for him that Fergie does exist though.....


Pupa m-ai in cur Wenger............:p
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carlyluvsunited said:
Pupa m-ai in cur Wenger............:p
Huh? There are worms in the dog Wenger?
as someone has already said he is the second best in prem . his sides play stylish attacking football and he sees all says nowt just like fergie .

dirty washing should be washed inhouse and he knows this `he is also smart enough to give players time to bed in .

he however is a speccy french geek . thats as much bile i can manage
second best onli to one man, not bad a job done
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