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Sometimes you just have to give credit where credit is due....

City reveal Munich shirt

CITY have revealed that they will wear a special edition kit for the February derby against United - a game that marks the 50th anniversary of the Munich Tragedy.

The shirt will have a black ribbon embroidered into it along with the words `Manchester Remembers.'

It will be similar to ones that have been produced by City in the past for Remembrance Sunday matches and will not be on sale to the public.
The shirt is one of a series of initiatives that the Blues will undertake either at the Old Trafford game - or ahead of it - to mark the occasion in the appropriate manner.
Blues staff have been working tirelessly behind the scenes with their United counterparts and their own Centenary Supporters Association and official supporters' clubs to make sure the message is clear that the Munich air crash was a tragedy felt throughout the whole of Manchester.

City will point out that the Blues themselves lost legendary goalkeeper Frank Swift in the horrific crash.

"We have worked closely with our supporters over a number of years now to eradicate any abusive chants which, in any case, have only ever emanated from an isolated few and we have adopted zero tolerance to such behaviour even going as far as banning orders," revealed Head of Communications Paul Tyrrell.

"We sincerely hope that the significance of this anniversary will not be lost on anyone."
United confirmed last weekend that they had sought and received permission to play the derby match in a sponsor-free kit identical to the one worn by the Busby Babes in 1958.


Can i just add that the match itself takes place on Sunday, February 10, and the kick-off has this week been changed from noon to 1.30pm.


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Ah this is very kind of them I think.....

Yes United and City have problems
between themselves but I am sure for
this 'special' day Manchester will be

I hope so anyway.

When I saw this fixture was right on
the Munich Commemoration Day I think
to myself "Oh no......why do the FA do this ?".

But now, having seen efforts by everyone
to make this a lovely day - I think it's
only right City are allowed to mourn
their loss too.

I stole this for the News Room too Sal :)
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