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What's the problem with all Roma fans.....This is a game and in every games there will be a winner and a loser and of course in football there is a draw....Last year, ManUtd fans was stabbed by Roma fans.....To all Roma fans, please no stabbing this year...

Police warning over Rome fixture

Four fans were jailed after violent clashes in Rome
Manchester United fans travelling to Rome on Tuesday have been warned they will be risking their safety if they do not cooperate with Italian police.
Recent matches between United and AS Roma have been marred by violence between rival supporters.

Italian authorities have taken several precautions to avoid a repeat, such as free transport to the stadium and a voucher system for ticket collection.

Greater Manchester Police have urged fans to be on their best behaviour.

The two clubs are meeting in the Champions League quarter final on Tuesday.

The free transport has been organised for United fans in a bid to avoid trouble previously seen on the Duca d'Aosta bridge.

Anyone choosing to make their own way could potentially run the risk of coming into harm's way

Supt John Graves

Greater Manchester Police said anyone choosing to make their own way to the stadium - or those planning to buy tickets from touts - could be putting themselves in danger.

In a statement, the force said that their Italian counterparts "have a robust approach to people arriving with forged tickets and general disorder".

Supt John Graves, match commander for the fixture, urged fans to take advantage of the free buses.

"Anyone choosing to make their own way could potentially run the risk of coming into harm's way," he said.

United fans will only be able to pick up their ticket at a designated ticket collection point 24 hours before the match, and need their passports as proof of identity.

Fifth meeting

"Anyone attempting to get into the game with a forged ticket could be liable to arrest," Mr Graves added.

"We aim to continue the good work that has already been achieved in previous operations of this kind and prevent troublemakers ruining the reputation of genuine football fans."

Officers from Manchester recently flew to the Italian capital to discuss policing and will also be monitoring British airports to target known troublemakers attempting to travel to Italy.

It is the fifth time the two clubs have met in the Champions League in less than a year.

In the 2007 quarter-final, three United fans were stabbed outside the Stadio Olimpico.

Scuffles also broke outside Old Trafford during the second leg, with 21 people arrested.

The teams also played each other in the group stage of this season's competition and four Manchester United fans were jailed in Italy for clashing with rival fans in Rome in December.


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Roma fans are the biggest sooks I have ever seen. They get all up themselves when they beat us 2-1 thinking they are going to knock out the great Manchester United and start celebrating as if they won the world cup. Their fans also laugh and praise the Italian Police which bashed the Man United fans and when they come to Old Trafford they get belted 7-1 they start crying like the pussies Italians are. We beat them again 1-0 and sent our reserves vs their first team and get a 1-1 draw lol I so wanted to meet them again just so we can belt Totti and co once again and send them back to Rome crying..Totti is so up himself and I wish he never wins a Champions League in his life!

moondog said:
All I can say to any of you fortunate enough to be going:

YOU ******** :mad: :D

Seriously, take care of yourselves, and do us proud.

Consider this your first warning for swearing.

We do not appreciate foul language on these forums as we
have members of all ages here and this is not the type of
language children should be viewing.

If you haven't done so already, please take a moment to
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moondog said:
Apologies to all for the language...very sorry, won't happen again.
No problem mate, I know it was said in a jokey way but we
can't have any of it really if we are to be consistent.

It's nice that you apologized though :)
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