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There are two sides of this debate. One is the person Cashley Cole and his behaviour and on the other side the moral panicking from the grey suits.

I guess this posting was about the I-Do-Anything-For-A-Ruble player and his responsibility as a Premier League player. I think every player have a responsibility for their fans and other young children who look up to their heroes. I work with children myself and I see how easy they get influenced by what’s happening and nowadays you can watch everything over and over again 24/7 on Youtube and other sites. The 8-9 year old boys were talking about the Cole tackle the day after and were browsing the web for similar stuff.
I think the players either don’t know what an impact they got on young children who dream and live football or they don’t care coz it doesn’t concern them. I hope the vast majority is included in the first part. If not, they better learn that a big part of their £100.000+/w wages comes from their money. And if they are unaware of how children react to the stars behaviour they better open their eyes.

The other side of this, the moral panicking from Blatter and others. This man will do anything to get re-elected and now he think’s the world of football wants to exterminate players with bad discipline and shoot their families to erase the sets of genes this player have.
If you as me, the Taylor tackle was bad but ban for life? That’s the worst thing I ever heard of. Compare Taylors tackle to the one Keano gave the Norwegian ******* to the one da Silva got injured at. All this debate only coz the mafia boss Blatter wants to get re-elected. A question I ask myself is would it be the same if it had been an unknown Reading player and not a fancy London club?
Don’t get me wrong. I feel sorry for da Silva. It’s a long absence he is facing and if he’s unlucky it can take a few months extra to get back to his best. We all remember how Keano were struggling to get back after his leg injury and these days Captain Gary Nev is batteling to get fit to play first team football. Those in authority must take action to stop this unneeded undisciplined play which threatens the players health. An injury occurs anyway without getting bad tackles. Also they have to take the responsibility to preserve football as a great sport and to send out signals to the coming generations of footballers that we have to show respect to our team mates and opponents.
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