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So 189 nations have agreed at the Bali Conference to


No deals, no deadlines, no promises, just an agreement to agree. Well, people are saying its a step forward, I am not so sure. I do think that the next American administration will be more amenable than the current idiotic regime. America's problem is that they are governed by big industry, not politicians.

Scientists all over the world agree on one thing, as do ecologists - that 2049 is the point of no return. We dither and bungle our way towards this date with nothing happening except massive deforestation, poisoning of the seas, carbon so called footprinting, carbon emissions rising not falling.

Those of you like my son, holding new born babies are now directly involved with the future. THESE children in our arms are going to be the ones to curse us for our failure to save earth from death.

My grandson will be 42 in the year 2049, in the prime of his life but will he have health? Probably, but not for long. His children will already be amongst the billions already on the planet and their future is even bleaker.

We are stealing from the planet now and we are stealing from our own children - they will not be forgiving.

I can recall the 60s fogs in the UK; smog was common, in the 40s and 50s, in the big cities and associated respiratory diseases and heart problems abounded. In the 60s laws came into effect banning the use of smoky fuels, emissions in the cities were dealt with by way of stringent health laws and look - we have the benefits already - no more smog, something now from the history books and our health is 50% better than then.

If the UK can do it in such a short time, on this scale, then so can the planet.

189 nations? We will never have concord and agreement until we are one world, one government.

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First problem here RD is that people have to actually 'care'.

But they don't !

They are too selfish - they live for today and who cares after that ?

How many people here re-cycle ?

I'm fanatical about this, lol......

I have a duty to be like this - for my children and every other persons children and

18 people so far read this but have no views or don't care about it.

If I was in government I would just hit people where it hurts most - in the one
place they really care about.....

In their pockets......

My town thinks about doing this.....

They provide 3 bins for different recyclable stuff - and the rest goes to rubbish

They should charge by the weight for this unrecyclable rubbish now - and I bet
the lazy sods soon manage to reduce the waste !!!

My car is 2.4 litre and I would be happy to pay extra for this because it is my only
luxury but no good for the environment - so tax bigger cars a lot of cash !!

In America - where donuts are nervous - they drive huge 6 litre cars !!

So hit them with huge tax.

The Americans book a flight even to go to the 7-11........

Hit airlines harder for spewing out the rubbish !!!

Industry gets away with this too - they spew tons of waste out and make millions
in profits !!!

Hit them in the wallet they will learn !!!

They can calculate how much CO2 etc etc is produced by countries - well the more
you produce then the more you should pay.

No good having countries like Ghana, Kenya and Sierra Leone at these
conferences and blaming them - more than half their populations live in the bush
with no electric water on tap etc etc........

China, UK, USA etc etc.........

They are the culprits - so they pay the most per capita of population !!

Yes it's very nice to live in the wealthy countries - but these are the people who
will end the world eventually and they should be stopped- pay up now !!

I find it funny how people say the dinosaurs only had brains the size of a walnut -
and yet they lasted 165 million years !!!

Humans - the most intelligent beings ever to occupy this world - will have come
and gone inside 10,000 years !!!

So who is the cleverest ?

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Red Devil said:
Scientists all over the world agree on one thing, as do ecologists - that 2049 is the point of no return.
I have to disagree with that. The only ecologists, climatologists etc that agree are the ones funded by politicians. Most independent researchers of "Global Warming" soon find out that the rise in temperature of the Earth is exactly the same as what is happening on The moon and Pluto etc (no greenhouse emitting cars up there eh?). These planets temperatures are rising at a time when (coincidentally) the Sun is also getting hotter!

One report from National Geographic News asserts, "Simultaneous warming on Earth and Mars suggests that our planet’s recent climate changes have a natural — and not a human-induced — cause
Here's a massive index of articles re-butting the theory of man-made "Global Warming"

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My view has already been this: The Earth has been around for billions and billions of years. Some species comes along, reigns supreme for a while, wipes out, Earth rebuilds itself, and the process starts over.

The dinosaurs - came around, ruled the place, Ice age came, wiped it all out, Earth rebuilt itself. Humans come along, we're doing our thing. Eventually something will happen, wipe us out, Earth will rebuilt itself. Who knows how many cycles there have been or will be. Either way, I don't think there's a thing we can do to destroy the Earth. We'll destroy ourselves before the Earth is FUBAR'd.

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In Ireland we have introduced new tax laws to reduce our carbon emissions........

But alas the laws will not make an impact because the people who are buying these huge engine cars are going to be able to pay the tax easily.......

The fight against global warming will not and can't ever be won..........

It's too late, there is no hope. So all we can do is try and slow down the rate of it by reducing CO2 emissions, reducing smog etc.

China is the biggest culprit in the Glo0bal Warming debacle.....They are an absolute disgrace and are destroying humanity with all their coal factories... :mad:

Essentially, the people who are causing all this Global Warming at present RD, don't care about 2049....

We are SCREWED no matter what way anybody puts it..........

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PrinceZane said:
I really like zuco's post. Unfortunately "common sense" and "logic" can NEVER be applied in today's world :( ;)
Well it only takes even the very smallest amount of "research" to discover what each and every politician has been hiding from us for years: Global Warming isn't affected by human activity!!

The facts are that the Earth is warming (that is not in dispute), but also warming is The Moon, Pluto and Mars!! This is not by coincidence, they are warming (as the Earth is) as a direct result of the rise in temperature of The Sun

"Global Warming" serves two purposes for the British Government:-

1) It establishes a new form of taxation for us(the general public) to be charged! Tests are already being trialed to charge us depending how much rubbish we throw away!

2) The words "Global Warming" replace the words "nine eleven"!
The world at large, i.e. The internet enabled... have known that September 11th was used as a pre-text for war in Afghanistan, despite Osama BinLaden(from Saudi Arabia I might add) saying on camera that he had nothing to do with it!! Is it a coincidence there was oil in Afghanistan? "Nine eleven" has been used to take away so many civil liberties that thousands of people fought and gave their lives to earn!! Now that "nine eleven" has "run dry" they need something else to scare us into giving away more civil liberties (all in the name of freedom of course).

Question: If we are supposedly fighting a group of terrorists who oppose our freedoms and rights...are we not giving them exactly what they want by restricting the very freedoms and rights of which they oppose in order to protect us from them!?!

I may continue this tomorrow when I sober up a bit, I started in the pub just before United kicked off at it's 2.34am I'm a bit typsy so could do with some sleep :) 'til tomorrow....

Could you clarify your position on this particular subject your comment could be taken quite ambiguously :)

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Haha, I was agreeing with you mate. Sorry, I know sarcasm can be hard to read online sometimes.

Basically was just saying that the more something makes sense, the less likely people are to agree/understand it. If the sun is getting hotter, and something FARTHER AWAY from it is getting hotter, then logically everything closer will be getting hotter. Quite simple really
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