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Balsawood Man

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Taken from an interview with

Q. You have been through two complicated years with lots of injuries to deal
with. How do you feel physically and mentally?

A. Much better. My knee does not swell up any more after I play. I am fit. Earlier
on, I came back too quickly I guess. After the surgery, it is necessary to return
slowly. It is always a little bit disappointing because you are part of a squad but
cannot play. This is the hardest issue a football player can face.

I have been in Manchester for four years and, since signing, I have been
disturbed by many injuries. I can say I was anything but lucky, but I had to deal
with it and have now become a Champion of England.

Q. Sir Alex Ferguson has always supported you and given you many

A. It is a pleasure to have the coach's trust! It is actually my dilemma because if I
had been bad, he would have left me in peace to take my time to return step by
step. But it is also a pleasant situation to see the coach trusting you although
you are coming back from an injury. I work hard, three times more than usual in
training. Even if the physical shape is not perfect, with a good mental strength
you can realize extraordinary things. Gaby Heinze is an example for that.

Q. With Rooney, Tevez, Ronaldo, Nani, Giggs and you, Manchester United has
got many weapons in offence and so far it is working very well. The competition
must be terrible, no?

A. It has always been intense. This year, it is even more difficult. But it is better to
have Tevez with us, than to see him in Real Madrid. I also said the same thing for
Van Nistelrooy when he left. I prefer to have the best players in my team. The
season is long. There are fifty games, the pairing of Tevez-Rooney works
superbly well at the moment, but I know that I will have my chance. I want to
improve and I think that we have an exceptional group, capable of winning the
Champion's League.

Q. In which sense has the team improved?

A. With players like Nani or Tevez, who completely correspond to the play of
Manchester United, we have more efficiency in the last 30 metres. Before, maybe
we based too much of our play on individual talents. Today, we are stronger
collectively. There is more precision in movement and passing. I am very satisfied
to be a part of this team, where the philosophy is offensive.

For a striker, it is like heaven - even in training. There is no better team in the
world than Manchester United. Later, you can always ask to go to Real Madrid or
Barcelona. But I am a fan of the Premier League. Every year, it is more and more
difficult. Blackburn and Everton are getting closer for example. Tottenham and
Manchester City now have money, so, right now, it is not the moment to leave
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hey man, does not help callin him balsawood man, he's important to us and if he is a bit on the soft side, well thats all right, he wears a united jersey. i love the guy, he's just gettin his shit together thats all
am refering to the title of the post, so carly, ya (personal insults are not allowed - rd)
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