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Seems City are doing their best to make the one minute silence work ... love them
or hate them you have to respect the bosses there for trying their best !!!

Seems anyone seen disrupting this silence will be given a 3 year ban ...

From ALL City games ...

City Issue Ban Threat Manchester City officials have warned that any fans who
disrupt the minute's silence during next month's Manchester derby to
commemorate the Munich air disaster of 1958 will be issued with a three-year
ban from their Eastlands stadium...

The tragedy came as the Busby Babes were flying back from a European Cup
encounter with Red Star Belgrade.

After a stop-over in Munich, turbulent conditions affected the plane's take-off, the
crash claimed 22 lives, one of the most famed of those being the incredible
prospect Duncan Edwards (pictured).

It was a Manchester United side destined for success and the tragedy has lived
long in the fans' memory, with its 50 year anniversary now around the corner.

A minute's silence has been arranged in memory of those who lost their lives,
some preferring the idea of a minute's applause in order to drown out any
potential trouble-makers, and some in the City corner who claim there should be
no commemoration and that United are exploiting the victims.

Whether there will be any unfortunate protests or not remains to be seen, but
Manchester City spokesperson Paul Tyrell has issued a statement of intent on
behalf of the club.

"We have already issued banning orders against fans in the past who have made
gestures or chanted about the tragedy," explained Tyrell.

"If there is concrete evidence of any serious misbehaviour like that at the derby
game, we would have no hesitation in doing exactly the same again.

"There is a precedent with one fan who was brought before the courts recently.
He was found not guilty, but we still handed out a three-year ban.

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Was listening to 606 last night an a city fan came on moaning how badly there fans are being shown saying they would never boo Munich as they love Football she also said she couldn't beleive Utd had chose this game to mark it.

Stupid women hope she is right an they dont boo
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