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Barça Prepared To Sell Dos Santos

FC Barcelona are preparing to tell Giovani Dos Santos to accept one of the many offers that he reportedly tells the club that he has at every meeting to a new contract.

The Blaugrana hierarchy are irritated by the Mexican's insistence that he deserves a vastly improved deal at the club without improving his performances on the pitch.

According to Sport, Dos Santos and his agent state that they will find a new club unless their wage demands are met and that there is plenty of interest.

Claims are made that the starlet is interesting several major clubs across Europe and that is the main reason why Barça must be sure to secure his services immediately.

Months of that attitude have now seen he club have a re-think as they do not believe that he is improving as much as they had hoped at the highest level.

In the media, it has been well known for some time that the player has caused problems, but now it is becoming more problematic and it could spell the end of his stay at the club.

While a loan deal is a possibility, Barcelona believe that they could receive around €|0m and would be happy with a bid of anything close to that figure.

Chelsea were linked with Dos Santos last year, but it remains to be seen if new boss Avram Grant has any interest.

Sport state that Barça should be swamped with calls and faxes if Dos Santos and his agent are to be believed, but that in reality they may have to go calling clubs if he is told to move on.

Now should United get him seeing that Barca are ready to get rid of him??
Giovani dos Santos is only 18 years old, I see him becoming the next Cesc Fabregas, another Barca reject who's discarded by them at the age of 18.
His primary position is an attacking midfielder but could also operate as a winger.
Moreover, he only cost 10millios euros!! :eek:

FC Barcelona:

2007/08 - 1 goal 3 assists 25 club appearances

Mexico Under-17, Under-20 & Senior Level:

7 goals 19 club appearances

Here's a short clip of his introduction


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Short stuff, close ball control, accurate passing, creative influence who likes to beat his marker, seems to have okayish speed.

Would be interesting acquisition for 2years, see how he develops.
But the way he comes in is like Rooney. Does anyone think we'll bench Rooney at times for this 198yr old kid? Hmm... can't see it happening. BUt Maybe QUieroz has got a few more techniques up his sleeve to make this kid a good investment?

Buy him, develop him, sell him and bobs our uncle :)

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I would be over the moon if we got dos santos, this guy easily top 10 talents in the world, maybe even top 5. He's amazing, one for the future. Dos Santos makes the bench of one of the best teams in the world, and he's only 18.

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red_devils4life said:
First thing first, does their club even want to offload them??
Secondly, they will come in at an extremely hefty price tag ffs!!
Alright then, id prefer we went for Gai Assulin, much better talent and without the huge ego that Santos has, it seems Gio has spent too long around Ronaldinho

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I would have said yes but...

"Months of that attitude have now seen he club have a re-think as they do not believe that he is improving as much as they had hoped at the highest level."


Wait and see Fergie.

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Is a good prospect but he needs to prove himself first a bit, although if we got him relatively cheap then he could be a great addition under the tutoring of SAF.

I think he could be a great replacement for Scholes in a creative role and similar to Fabregas, but i'll leave it to the better judgment of our scouting staff.

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dos santos is a quality youngster and would be a great signing 4 da reds!!!
we av got sum of da best youngsters in da world
and 2 develop him into a world class player would be gr8
but we would av 2 get rid of Park so he can fit in

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abojodeh said:
he is a copy of anderson but anderson better BARCA STUPID IF THEY SELL SANTOS HE IS BETTER THAN MESSI:D
There is no way on earth that Santos is better than Messi.
Messi is proven already even though he is just 19.
Messi is the 2nd best player in the World in case you forgot ;)
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