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Midfielder pleads guilty to charge

Joey Barton has pleaded guilty to assaulting former Manchester City team-mate Ousmane Dabo in a training ground row.

The Newcastle United midfielder was due to go on trial at Manchester Minshull Crown Court over the incident, but changed his plea shortly before the scheduled start.

Barton, 25, admitted one charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm to Dabo when they were playing colleagues at City in May 2007.

Frenchman Dabo, who left City to rejoin Lazio in January, required hospital treatment for facial injuries after the incident.

Barton is currently serving a six-month jail term which began on 20th May after pleading guilty to charges of assault and affray over an incident in McDonald's in Liverpool city centre on 27th December.

The one-time England international - whose victim Dabo was in court to hear him plead guilty - will be sentenced on Tuesday morning.

Barton pleaded guilty after Judge Mushtaq Khokhar indicated that he would impose a suspended sentence for the assault.

The 25-year-old repeatedly punched Dabo as he lay dazed on the ground, Manchester Minshull Crown Court heard.

The ex-Manchester City player is currently serving a six-month jail term for an attack in Liverpool.

The trial, which had been due to start more than a year after the incident, was put back until after the season had ended for the convenience of witnesses.

Many of them are involved in professional football. Outlining the events at Manchester City's training ground on May 1 last year, prosecutor Richard Vardon said it was an "explosive combination of football and violence".

Barton and Dabo confronted each other after a row during a training match, the court was told.

Dabo, 31, was said to have felt intimidated that Barton had invaded his personal space as he shouted and swore at him.

The Frenchman pushed his shoulder with both hands and Barton retaliated by punching him in the head, causing the Frenchman to fall over and lose consciousness.

Mr Vardon said several witnesses said Barton continued to punch Dabo while he lay on top of the player, who was in a dazed state.

One player, Georgios Samaras, said he had never seen such a violent incident on a training pitch in all his career, the prosecutor added.

Barton, who admitted one charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm (ABH), will be sentenced on Tuesday.

It is the third time Barton has been in court during 2008.

In May Barton was jailed after an attack in Liverpool which took place two days after Christmas.

CCTV images showed the footballer punching a man 20 times.

Later in May Barton was cleared of vandalising a taxi during a night out in Merseyside.

The Liverpool-born footballer was sold by City to Newcastle in a £5.8m deal last summer, signing a five-year contract.

Newcastle United said it was not commenting on Monday's hearing.

Dabo, 31, is now playing for Rome side Lazio and was in court to hear Barton plead guilty.

- This guy is just a nasty human being. It's one thing to play with passion, but it's another to think you have the right to physically attack your team mates.

This guy obviously thinks of himself as more important than others and that he has some weird devine right to physically hurt and abuse people.
I have zero sentiment for such filth. He is less than dog excrement and deserves a jail sentence to calm down and realize what a jerk he's been.

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ManUtd19 said:
Same old. Hope he sits for the rest of his life.

Better news source:

Would a hard-hitting gangsta boss even get a kick out of beating a half unconscious man in the face? What's the point?
Thanks for the link. I've combined the two news articles.

This guy is a real scouse *******!

Even for a thug, this sort of behaviour would be considered warped. He's supposed to be a professional footballer. I wonder what Sam Allardyce was thinking when he signed this SOB.
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