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Newcastle midfielder Joey Barton has been jailed for six months after admitting assault and affray.

The Newcastle United midfielder was arrested in Liverpool city centre in the early hours of 27th December after becoming involved in a confrontation outside a McDonald's restaurant.

Barton, who has one England cap, admitted the charges last month and he has now been sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court.

Following his arrest Barton came under the care of Tony Adams' Sporting Chance clinic, in a bid to deal with his problems with alcohol as part of his bail conditions.

He returned to action with Newcastle on 29th January and enjoyed an impressive end to the season in helping United up the Premier League table.

Barton was arrested along with his brother Andrew, who was also charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and Nadine Wilson, 27, who was charged with common assault and affray.

In another case in Manchester, he is due to stand trial accused of assaulting his former Manchester City team-mate Ousmane Dabo in a training ground incident in May last year that effectively ended his career with the club. He has pleaded not guilty.

Haha nice one, he fully deserves it. He's a thug
and has no place in society, never mind a football
pitch. He should have got longer than six months.

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abojodeh said:
i realy like barton but he always gets in fights
its not fair
lui fab was about to kill a player and he only got a 3 match ban
its not fair 6 month too long :(
Sorry Abo but I fully agree with Zuco on this one. ;) It doesnt matter how good Barton is, and we know he's a good player.

He's just got to much baggage and way to many perosonal problems/issues to ever realise his talent.

I would've thought Newcastle could've figured that out before wasting their money.

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dlan4327 said:
Sorry Abo but I fully agree with Zuco on this one. ;) It doesnt matter how good Barton is, and we know he's a good player.

He's just got to much baggage and way to many perosonal problems/issues to ever realise his talent.

I would've thought Newcastle could've figured that out before wasting their money.
:rolleyes: barton a flop ?
no way he played good in every match
newcaslte didnt waste money
if he stops his idiot act he would be a newcastle legend he is young a talented

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reddwarf said:
Well deserved imo. He's a thug on and off the field.

I wonder what the likelihood of him being released early in time for next season is.
though it has to be said he is a great player (well for Citeh he was anyway)

He served a bit of time over Xmas didnt he? so that will be knocked off the time...
and 6 months usually means 2/3 anyway so I could see him out for next season,
though he wouldnt be match fit or anything.

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I really hope it is a cold, unpleasant prison, full of dangerous, hurting criminals who are sexually deprived!

I think that Joey Barton is less than dog excrement and looks too much like the Gallgher bros from Oasis. He should be jailed for that alone.

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Newcastle's Barton jailed for assault and affray

Updated: May 20, 2008, 10:12 AM ET
Newcastle midfielder Joey Barton was today jailed for six months for assault and affray.

The former Manchester City player had admitted his part in a street attack in Liverpool city centre in the early hours of December 27 last year.

Judge Henry Globe QC, at Liverpool Crown Court, told him it was a 'violent and cowardly act'.

Newcastle issued a brief statement this afternoon that gave little away as to their response.

The statement said: 'Newcastle United notes the sentence passed to Joey Barton at Liverpool Crown Court today.

'The club is considering the verdict and will be making no further comment at this moment.'

Barton, 25, of Foxbank Road, Widnes, was caught on CCTV knocking an unidentified man to the ground.

He then straddled the man, and punched him four or five times as his cousin threw food at the victim before Barton punched him up to 15 times more.

Minutes later, the player attacked a 16-year-old, punching him and leaving him with broken teeth.

It followed a series of verbal confrontations inside a McDonald's restaurant after a night out during which he had consumed 10 pints of lager and five bottles of lager.

Barton's cousin, Nadine Wilson, 27, of Childwall, Liverpool, and his brother Andrew Barton, 20, also of Foxbank Road, Widnes, also pleaded guilty to their part in the assaults.

The incident took place as the player was awaiting trial for two other offences: alleged criminal damage of a taxi and the alleged assault of former Manchester City team-mate Ousmane Dabo, 31, who now plays for Lazio.

The hearing heard the footballer was remorseful about the incident and had admitted to an alcohol problem.

Judge Globe told him: 'Without doubt, the most serious of the three offenders is you.

'You were restrained by others but ignored them and acted in an extremely violent and aggressive manner.

'It also happened at a time when you were on bail for two other matters. If ever there was a time when you should be on your best behaviour, it was then.

'You have a high profile as a footballer and you know that draws attention to you. Yet you drank to excess and behaved in an aggressive, disgraceful manner.'

The judge jailed Barton for six months for assault occasioning actual bodily harm and four months, concurrently, for affray.

He was ordered to pay £2,500 to Jordan Spencer, the youth whose teeth were broken.

As he was taken down, Barton kissed Wilson on the cheek and shook his brother's hand.

He then stopped to hand over pieces of jewellery to a man in the public gallery.

The sentence leaves Newcastle in a difficult position as they attempt to find a way forward.

Whatever the moral issues of retaining the services of a man with a criminal record for a violent offence, there are financial implications to consider.

Barton cost the Magpies £5.8million in June last year when then manager Sam Allardyce thought they had got a bargain as his time at Manchester City drew to a close following an alleged assault on team-mate Ousmane Dabo.

He was handed a five-year contract and the chance to relaunch his career on Tyneside.

A fractured metatarsal and a lack of form on his return to fitness meant Allardyce never really reaped the rewards of his investment, and it was only after Kevin Keegan's arrival at St James' Park that he returned to anywhere near his best.

However, today's development means Barton's value in cash terms has plummeted and even if Newcastle did decide to offload him, potential takers would be understandably wary of the baggage he brings with him.

The Magpies will also be acutely aware there could be a reaction too within the dressing room, but perhaps more importantly, with potential transfer targets this summer.

The fans, too, have grown weary of seeing their club's name dragged through the mud, and although they forgave Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer for their infamous on-field bust-up, Barton might have to win them over all over again if he remains at Newcastle.

Keegan, of course, knows Barton well from his time at Manchester City, and only a few weeks ago praised him for the way he had coped with the impending court proceedings.

He said: 'I think Joey can be really pleased with his performances and the way he has handled a tough situation.

'Only those close to him know how tough it has been. It's of his own making, of course, but what he has done here is win over the fans.

'He has certainly won over a lot of his team-mates, who didn't know quite what he was like before.

'I think he has handled it as well as you could expect, and his performances have been outstanding when you consider the things at the back of his mind.

'I think he will be proud of himself in that respect.'

Barton started 12 of the club's final 14 games of the season and only missed out on the other two at Liverpool and Everton because the terms of his bail conditions prevented him from returning to the city centre where his offence took place.

But whether or not he has pulled on the black and white shirt for the final time remains to be seen.

And to make the day a little better for everybody.

The nice Mr Barton has been refused early release
from prison as he is considered unsuitable for it. :D

Rot in Strangeways Barton !!!! :D


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Yeah here is the story

Premier League - Barton denied early jail release
Eurosport - Thu, 10 Jul 15:54:00 2008

Newcastle midfielder Joey Barton will have to serve up to another month in prison after being denied an early release.

More StoriesBolton deny interest in Barton
Newcastle United team page
Barton, 25, had hoped to be freed early next week after being given an electronic tag forcing him to observe a curfew.

But the England international has been deemed ineligible for an early release as he is a violent offender who committed his last offence while on bail.

Barton will now miss most of pre-season while he is held in Manchester's notorious Strangeways jail - home to some of Britain's most violent drug dealers and gangsters.

The footballer pleaded guilty to assault and affray at Liverpool Crown Court after punching a man to the ground and pummelling his victim up to 20 times with his fists in an attack caught on CCTV in the city centre last December.
He was jailed for six months on May 20, but it was thought he would only serve one third, or eight weeks and be released early, around July 15, with an electronic tag to monitor his movements.

But probation and prison officials, in line with Ministry of Justice guidelines, have now ruled Barton was not suitable to be released early with a tag given his past crimes.

The Ministry of Justice would not comment on the terms of the player's release.

However, sources confirmed he was denied a tag and must now serve another four weeks in jail.

Barton was also handed a four-month jail sentence, suspended for two years, after a separate conviction for a "ferocious" training ground attack on former Manchester City colleague Ousmane Dabo, which left his victim unconscious and bleeding.


He deserves what he's got and he put himself there. I have no respect for him and cannot see him turning into a nice guy.

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Barton released from prison

Joey Barton has been released from Manchester prison after serving just 10 weeks of a six-month sentence.

The 25-year-old was found guilty of assault and affray on May 20 after attacking a man in Liverpool city centre late last year.

Barton has also been convicted of an assault on former Manchester City team-mate Ousmane Dabo and was given a four-month suspended sentence.

Newcastle manager Kevin Keegan has pledged to welcome the troubled Barton back into the first-team fold, saying he deserved a "second chance".

"My view is to give him another chance and back him. He has served his sentence, he's been punished for what he did wrong," Keegan told BBC Radio on Sunday.

"The world is littered with people who deserve a second chance, got that chance and took it with both hands. I said I would stick by him and I intend to do that," Keegan said.

Barton, who has one England cap, joined Newcastle United for £5.8 million last July after the Dabo incident effectively ended his career with Manchester City.

"Joey will be back with us towards the end of this month," said Keegan.

"It's well documented he's had his problems, but I knew of them when I took over. He's served his sentence, he's been punished for what he did wrong."


Cant we have a betting on how soon Barton will get back to jail? :D
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