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Not much from the need but more to do so because he is one player that i like. Does not have pace but always finds space to put in a cross and his delivery is pretty accurate and has very good movement. Scores, assists and defends so has all the qualities.
Can he adapt to premiership, i am not one to answer this question as it depends on how a team plays, what position the player likes but is played in and can he handle the pressure put on him.
I would get him but i am a nobody in terms of buying players for Manchester United

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you can never replace ronaldo. you can never. plus, i bet ronaldo wont repeat 42 goals in the coming season. not with us, not with real madrid.(maybe in united reserves though)

well, if ronaldo does leave, we do need a replacement. yes, the goals will never be replaced, schweinsteiger, can replace him. in fact, it may end up as a blessing in disguise.

we are turning in to arsenal 2006/2007. too dependent on one player. for arsenal, they dependent on theirry henry. towards the end of last season, everyone passed to ronaldo, expecting him to finish off everything.
plus, ronaldo, is selfish to a certain extent. there were times when rooney or tevez were wide open but he chose to shoot.

that is something called over confidence. at united, we click cause of unselfish plays. everyone can create. thats the main thing.

schweinsteiger is such player. he can create alot. he can assist from set pieces too. he can score, as seen in the semi final against turkey. he's movement is certainly quality. i believe he's good enough to play for united. if he's not, why nani then? certainly schweinsteiger is better than nani? although he's 3 years older.

well then, never think about replacing ronaldo totally. you cant. but if we can cover the loss as much as possible, why not? its better than never replacing him.

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You're laughing at a comment from 5 years ago? :confused: When he was a decent winger but nowhere near world class?:LOL:
Winger or not, he was still very talented and more than good enough for United.

Before the 2008 Euros, there was a common disregard towards German footballers and German leagues. It's so pathetic how lowly rated were most of the German players back then. It wasn't until 2010's world cup when everyone jumped on the Germany bandwagon and started to go crazy about German players and German teams and now the bandwagon is at its higher point with people suddenly out of the blue became BVB fans since they were 12.

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Schweinsteiger was decent too...

Just not world class, not until he went central midfield...

Moot point anyway, he was a winger, you can deny it all you like, but it happened

Just saw Germanys line-up from the Euro 2008-final and yea he did play as a winger :eek: Can't remember that at all, maybe because he wasn't that great out there.

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Pep seems to have unsettled some players at Bayern, so maybe our getting him is not out of the question:

'Signing Spain's Under-21 captain has put immediate pressure on the established midfield duo of Bastian Schweinsteiger and Javier Martínez. The latter will have to get used to life as a centre-back, while the former, a key figure and fans' favourite, has featured intermittently in the starting lineups. The 29-year-old has only just returned to fitness after an ankle injury but Thiago's outings as the sole holding midfielder in many games was seen as ominous for his chances.
"I'm not quite sure [of his plans for me]," admitted Schweinsteiger.'

IMO Bayern made a dumb move by sacking Jupp Heynckes.
If you are good enough you are young enough.
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