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DAVID BECKHAM was last night dramatically linked to a possible buyout of Leyton Orient.

O's owner and chairman Barry Hearn confirmed he is in talks with Beckham's agent Terry Byrne.

Hearn, who bought the club in 1995, said: “It's true I'm in discussions with Terry Byrne over the possibility of selling Orient.

"I've always said I'm a fan of the club but it doesn't mean I have to be the owner so long as I can guarantee its long-term survival.

“At this stage we're only in discussions but it only takes a minute to agree something if it's in the best interests of the club.â€

Byrne is Beckham's most trusted friend and advisor and it is inevitable the England superstar's name will be associated with the takeover.

Becks, 33, is also a local lad who was born and raised in Leytonstone.


What do you think will it happen?

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