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Keano4taoiseach said:
He was a loyal servant to our club and was an outstanding player....
It is very sad how him and Fergie parted way....

But I'd be inclined to agree with you solsks.......

I suppose Fergie just doesn't want his squad to be disrupted bu Becks presence and would rather avoid the huge publicity that follows Beckham everywhere.....

][(Who knows, perhaps Beckham is working as a double agent, and is reporting back information to Fergie.....:D)
That would be exceptionally great! :D
But actually,he decides to train with the Gooners' it's b'coz his house is located right in London. It would be very convenient for him so........he chose the Le'Arse-Anal. Simple as that. But y not Chelsea?! :eek: Chelshit has much more English players that Le'Arse-Anal! :confused:
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