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Well, David Beckham is set to follow his wife, Victoria into the world of television in America.

Posh appeared in the comedy show Ugly Betty, in a comedy performance.

David is now set to mak his enterance to the screen but not as you may expect him to.

You may be expecting CSI, ER, Desperate Houswives even but oh no......

...only David Beckham could wind up doing this!

Hint......Big Bird ;)

Yes! Its all kids favourite show.....Sesame Street!

David Beckham is set to make an appearence with Big Bird, Bert, Ernie and many many more in the coming future!

Just another life in Golden Ball's world! Eh? :rolleyes:

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Ahhh Sesame Street. That show practically raised me. Not to say my parents were uninvolved but I swear to god that crazy Vampire muppet is single handedly responsible for teaching me numbers and mathematics.

Bart: "Dad what's a Muppet?"

Homer: "What's a Muppet?!. Well it's not quite a mop and it's not quite a puppet but

boy... *CHUCKLES LOUDLY* ... So to answer your question I don't know"
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