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Benitez crying foul over fixtures

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Liverpool boss Benitez claims bias over lunchtime kickoff - September 13, 2007

Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez is furious with tomorrow's lunchtime kickoff against Portsmouth. And Benitez believes title rivals Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal have been given an unfair advantage over his leaders as they have had more time to recover. Benitez hit the roof after discovering Liverpool face further 12.45pm away games after England's crunch Euro 2008 qualifiers with Russia next month and Croatia in November.

The Spaniard blasted: "I will talk with the Premier League about this.
"They'll know my idea. We'll check if someone can hear us.
"I don't know if we can change things but we'll try. We'll speak to them as soon as possible.
"I need to talk with our chief executive Rick Parry and we will analyse how to progress with this situation."

DAMM.. bald nut!!!... does he has selective vision.. MU is playing 40 min earlier than scouse.. n we are playing away too.. stupid asshole needs some motivation...:mad: come on rafa grow up. dont transform into a mourinho.. :eek:
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everyone is moaning....can't they just SHUT UP...and play...?
Technique91 said:
He shouldnt be suck a fat C*** and should eat less for dinner so he can make it on time without tripping over his big fat stomach :)
:D :D :D
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