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Jazz 16 said:
Its funny yes, but if you step back and think about it, Do we want him to stay or leave?
His rotation policies over the years have wrecked any chance they have had of
coming close to winning the Prem. If he did leave and they actually got in a top top
manager they could become more threatening. I like Rafa being in charge of them
cos they never do the business in the league. My only worry is that some amazing
manager would come in and do a great job.
So Im in 2 minds about this.
It's funny how you say that, most Liverpool fans love Rafa but one of my Pool mates said if Liverpool offer Rafa another contract that all United fans will be laughing at us, and i agree......... keep Rafa their, he isn't the man for the job, has spent lots of money and has more bad buys than good ones!!

..............Please sign on the dotted line Rafa
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