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Benitez: United and Chelsea had unfair advantage

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Rafa: Not fair
2nd May 2008
John Coates

Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez has blasted Chelsea and Manchester United for not resting players ahead of their second leg Champions League semi-finals.

The Spaniard is furious that both clubs played their first teams in the encounter at Stamford Bridge.

“It's unfairâ€

“Both Barcelona and ourselves rested players but Manchester United and Chelsea play their first teamâ€

“It's an unfair advantage and allows those teams to become, how do you say? Battle-hardened?â€

“If I knew they were going to play full teams then I would have played full team too. I spoke to Frank (Rijkaard) and he is unhappy about it as wellâ€

Benitez is now insisting the FA and UEFA look into the situation.

“Macherano received a long ban for talking to the referee and now Manchester United and Chelsea play full team and no bans for themâ€

“It's important that this is investigatedâ€

Steven Gerrard echoed his manager's sentiments by insisting that teams who are still in the league have an unfair advantage.

“They can afford to play the same team as their league games count for somethingâ€.

Spokesman from both United and Chelsea refused to comment.
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Oh for goodness sake. How many people have totally missed the fact it was a Joke. :rolleyes:
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