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Liverpool and Tottenham target David Bentley has revealed his desire to leave Blackburn and play at a higher level of the game.

Bentley has been at Ewood Park since 2005 and has emerged as one of the brightest young talents in England.

He has already broken into the national side but he admits his ambitions can no longer be satisfied at Blackburn, with Rafael Benitez and Juande Ramos both known admirers.

The 23-year-old has informed Rovers he wants to go and he now hopes to secure a transfer to a club playing in the UEFA Champions League.

"I made it clear to the club what I wanted to do," Bentley told Sky Sports News.

"My situation is I want to move on, I want to be playing Champions League football, I want to be playing in Europe.

"I have been there for three years, I love the club and I love playing for them, but I feel like I've done everything I can and I want to move on and try and push up the ladder and be as successful as I can

"And I believe that lies elsewhere. I want a new challenge and I feel I want to push on somewhere else.

"I hope I have repaid them with the way I have played but I need to be moving on somewhere else.

"We'll see what the summer brings and hopefully in this transfer window something can be sorted out."

Blackburn are currently looking for a replacement for Mark Hughes but Bentley insists his mind was made up before the manager departed for Manchester City.

And he maintains that he will still be keen to leave regardless of who is appointed, as he looks to cement his place in the England team and play regularly in Europe.

He added: "I discussed things with the manager then (Hughes) and the chairman.

"Their situation has changed but mine hasn't. I need to be pushing on and that's what I'll be looking to do.

"I've got ambitions to play for England and I want to be playing in the biggest games I can, and I believe that lies playing somewhere else.

"My decision is not money, it is purely based on football. I just want to be playing at the highest level.

"There are clubs interested but it lies in Blackburn's hands. Managers that come in want to keep their best players but my decision has been made and nobody could persuade me to change my mind."

- As far as I'm concerned, he is more than welcome to come Man Utd and achieve all his ambitions at Old Trafford!

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I say bring him to united, groom him a bit and let ronaldo go. He won't be the out and out star that many of us are looking for. However he WILL be consistent and he will play well and will provide excellent service for the front two. If we get him I think we need to get a big man as well. Why not bring in Santa Cruz as well since they already do have a good understanding.
25mn for both anyone?

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how arrogant, i would hate him at united, bad attitude, no pace, and if he's not good enough for arsenal he can never be good enough for us imo, people who rave about him and his crossing and technical ability etc dont know the modern game, having the ablity is one thing but i dont think he's enough of an athlete for a top premier league club, i think he'll probably be off to tottenham, a club which finished below blackburn, so basically he's moving for the money :)

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I would prefer someone with pace, but I would be generally happy if he signed for us.

He reminds me a bit of Beckham. After all, Beckham had no pace but he had a great delivery. Yes, he isn't going to be as good as Beckham but he'll be good for us.

Mind you, saying that, his price will probably be inflated. :rolleyes:

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I doubt Fergie would ever buy him...cos we have Ronaldo, Giggs, Park and Nani...

but I would love him to come to OT. he would be awesome for us.
It would be like having Beckham back in the team, great assists all day long,
and an eye for goal, great goals at that.
With Ronaldo on the left or up top I feel we could accomodate Bentley.
For me he is better than Park, better than Giggs (currently) and Nani (currently)
so he would walk onto our team.

As I said before I doubt it would happen cos Fergie will put his faith in Nani, Park
and Giggs (which is fair enough)......

He is has been one of my fave players to watch in the Prem for a couple of years,
and would be a great addition, but very unlikely.
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