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Dimitar Berbatov could not care less about the Manchester rain as he is now playing for who he sees as the biggest team in the world.

The Bulgaria international striker left Tottenham to join Manchester United this summer in a £31million move.

Sir Alex Ferguson's pursuit of the classy forward finally came to fruition in the closing stages of the transfer window.

And while Berbatov has only shown flashes of his undoubted talent so far at Old Trafford, he has no doubts that his switch was the right one to make.

"People talk about the north and the south but I don't make comparisons like that, I am just interested in my football," he told MUTV.

"People says it is not sunny here and it rains all the time but that doesn't bother me. I like it the way it is. In fact, I like it better here.

"I am not a guy who looks for places with a lot of people and traffic. London was crazy anyway, so I used to live out of town.

"Here it is more peaceful. But the city is secondary to the team I play for. Now I play for the biggest team in the world, so it doesn't matter where I live.

"I am very happy and things are going well.

"My dream was to come here, now I can see how the biggest stars are working and I can compare and measure myself against the best."

Ahead of Sunday's vital Premier League encounter with Chelsea at Old Trafford the 27-year-old confirmed that while he likes a joke, when the games kick off, it is a serious business.

"I come into work and enjoy training, then I go home but I just want to go to bed and then start training again," he added.

"I enjoy sharing jokes. But when we work it is serious. We have very important games ahead of us and we need to prepare for them."
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