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+ it is like he has been at this club for ages and that can be seen on the pitch. he knows his collegues and they know him very well -> resulting the capability to make lethal combinations. as i seen he works very well with players like ronaldo, carrick, giggs, park....etc
+ he is a hard worker, great capability to effort and has the ability to reach balls that seemed lost.
what im trying to say is all his hard work has a good and noticeable result for us.
+ he has a good and powerfull shot.

- imo he is not a genius player and its not necessarily a match winner. he cant seem to be able to pull some crazy trick and save a game.
- he is not that good at hiting balls with the head. but he is also not very tall.

+ great technique, he controlls the ball very well. its almost impossible to get the ball away from him.
+ he is a genuis. he can always give an unexpcted pass, get rid off 2 opponents from a single move and create a goal out of thin air.
+ he seems to be always the right guy, at the right time and place.
+ tall guy, great header.

- a bit lazy. doesent really make the defensive game.

so if you take them separately they have pluses and minuses. but each other minuses are the others pluses and viceversa. thats why they create a symbiosis and i think they are the best attacking couple for us.

tevez may also have some of rooney's abilityes but while rooney's work is felt, tevez's work seem to have no result. also rooney is better in the attack game.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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