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Revanth said:
if he scores goals,thats enough
But the problem is, is that he doesn't score.

The last time he scored was against Stoke on the 15th November.
Before that was 3 goals in a week in the middle of October.
Then you have the double against Aalborg.

Not really a good enough return for me.

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zoran_zlatanov said:
6 goals and 7 assists is not enough ?
Man, this is his first season at OT. He started after the 3rd or the 4th round without any preseason matches. He was injured twice. Also he had a flue during the stay in Japan. And he was the player who brought us the 3 point vs Stoke . Tevez just scored on the open net from 1-2 meters.........

You say he's been quite disappointing ?
So, I have a question.
Notice more that 3 players who are not disappointing you this season.
Edwin Van Der Sar
Wayne Rooney
Rafael Da Silva
Michael Carrick

We spent £30m on a player to score goals. He hasn't done that. He has shown his quality at times in the link up play, but Tevez and Rooney are masterful at the link up play anyway. We need someone to put the ball in the net, and that's what every United fan on every United board signified we needed last June.

His goal return has been pretty shocking to be honest.
Stoke, West Brom, Aalborg and Celtic.

We tore West Brom a new arse and Stoke was pretty straightforward.

He doesn't score when we need him too, we brought a player to score goals.

Obviously I'm not jumping on the anti-Berbatov bandwaggon, but just because you and him share a nationality doesn't make him invincible.

A Spurs fan I know mentioned that Berbatov will be found out when he comes to United back in July. I hope he's wrong, but there's part of me that's starting to agree with him.
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