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Berbatov is playing really well and undoubtedly has a touch of class but he is another striker who likes to play deep like Roo and Tevez. He reminds me in some ways of Frank Lampard, who does a few nice touches in midfield and then arrives late in the box and stands around waiting for someone to put it on a plate for him.

Berba has scored 1 goal in 9 league games

Not a great start for a £30m striker, although he has never been prolific so maybe we shouldn't expect it.

Has he improved the team ?
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i believe that berbatov will and is making rooney into they player we all know he can be.
he plays mostly deeper than rooney which means rooney must drive forward more, which is only good for the team.

everything berbs does looks cool calm and collected, with the style that ive not seen since....(you know who im going to say.......)...................................cantona.

he is a very different player from who he was at spurs.HES EVEN CHASING DOWN THE BALL NOW!!! you would never have seen him do that in a spurs shirt.
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