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Bernard Mendy

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Bernard Mendy. Has anyone heard of him? We are in need of a right back this summer and we are linked with Lahm (who I love and so want at OT), Sagnol (the old white version of Mendy lol), Alves, Micah Richards and a few others like Garay.

Thing with Lahm is other top clubs are interested and when people like Barca come in for you (like the ronaldinhio) you never are sure if they are going to sign for us (also like mexes who wanted a starting place but Fergie could not give him 100% certainty). Then there is Alves. We all know Chlesea were very very close to sigining him and he might be a little too costly for a rb..i mean i hear things like 20m for him and i also hear he is not good defensively but just attacking so after paying 20m I would want someone who is good in both if you know what I mean..? Richards is a Man City player and signed a new contract and things at City are moving so he might not come either. So I looked at other possibilities and found Mendy.

I saw him 1st in his interntional debut match vs Brazil as a rb in that 100 years celebration world cup 98 re match of France vs Brazil and he was awsome that game. I remeber particularly his speed and when he beat Roberto Carlos on the right flank! (I will try to post you tube link if I can find it). I always wanted him since then (to join Man United) just like how I always wanted Evra and Rothen after seeing them play for Monaco in the Champions League in that season when they were finalists. He is French and we have frenchmen like Saha, Slivestre and Evra and plus he is from PSG where we got Heinze so people that are of his nationality and from his club have come to Man United so it is not going to be a new transfer adventure for us like Djemba Djemba and Kleberson was lol He is the longest serving player for Paris Saint Germain and I think is vice captain after Pauleta. He scored the winning penalty vs Lens this season in the French Cup final in the last minute so pressure is something he can handle. He did go on loan to the EPL with Bolton in 2002-2003 season making 21 apps so he is not unknown to the EPL which is better than paying millions for Brazillan Alves who has no idea what the EPL is like. I think he will be much cheaper than Lahm and Alves similar to Heinze's transfer fee. What do you people think? Another possible Neville (retirement)/Brown (contract rebel) replacement? I certainly think so. He is much better than Sagna and Brown imo and will be ideal for Man United. - When he beats Roberto Carlos on International Debut. - Wikipedia
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Drew9 said:
he couldnt even cut it at Bolton, and he's like Evra on the right :| do me a favour lol thats a ridiculous comment!
well said.. mendy is second rate how can he be compaired to evra, its a retarded comparison..........
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