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simply post your best and worst football moments and compare them with one another's. Your moments could be anything from crowd atmosphere to moments in the games.
of course my best moment will not be as good as all of yours as we are not quite as successful.

Best Moments
Watching sorrenson save a penalty from shearer in a game which sunderland won 2-1 - after goals from both quinn and phillips.

When going to my first tyne wear derby, stepping outside of mcdonalds, and hearing noises from the bottom of the high street, chanting. we looked down only to see an army of red and white walking towards us- singing anti newcastle songs. we walked all the way to the stadium, across the bridge like this.

Worst Moments

watching sunderland get beat 4-1 on my first visit to a tyne- wear derby

watching sunderland get relegated with the lowest points tally ever
(i became a bit happier last season after derby beat us :p)

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-Obviously '99 & '08.
-'90 European Cup Winners Cup vs Barcelona.
-First Prem title 1993.
-Double's '94 & '96.
-Scholes' goal vs Barcelona 2008.
-Lee Sharpe's goal vs Barcelona '94?

-Ireland vs England -Euro '88. Ray Houghton!!!!
-Ireland vs Romania - World Cup '90. Won to make Quarters.
-Ireland vs Italy - World Cup '94. Beat them 1-0 Houghton again.
-Ireland vs Germany - World Cup '02. Last minute equaliser.
-France beating Brazil World Cup '98 final.

-Keane leaving United/retiring/leaving World Cup.
-Chelsea buying the league twice.
-Danny Murphy always scoring against us.
-Losing those CL semi's.
-Eric/Ole retiring.

thats all I got for now.

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Best of United:
1. United are champions of Europe/penalty.Thank you J. Terry!
2. United are champions of England.2006-2007
3. United are champions again 2007-2008
4. Manchaster United- Roma 7-1,when Smith scored.
5. United-Barsa,Schoules scored.

Best of Zenit:

1. Zenit are champions of Russia/11 November 2007/14' Radek Shirl(#11) scored the gold goal./ 89' save of Alehandro Domingues(lil' striker)/92' We are the best team in Russia.

2. Zenit-Olympique/ 39' Pogrebnyak scored/78' Pavel scored again/
3. Zenit-Bayern/1 May 2008/4' Pogrebnyak scored/39' Zyryanov scored/53' Fayzylin scored/73' Pogrebnyak scored.
4.Villareal-Zenit/Thanks Lombaerts,you are the best def of Zenit,we wait when you will back!
5. Zenit-Rangers/14 may 2008/ 72' my fav player Igor Denisov scored :) /90+4 Zyiryanov scored/

Best of England team:

1.England-Russia 3-0/Owen and Ferdi scored....poor Malafeev :D

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There's so many and you mentioned a few of them already. A few more is:

- Ole's debute.
- Keano's showing Vieira who's the main man in the tunnel.
- The great comeback from 0-3 to 5-3 vs Tottenham at White Trash Life.
- Kev's tears after Fergie's mind game.....the 'luv if we've beat them' story.
- Cantona's press conference when he puzzles the journalists with the fish trawler and also how he makes the schedule by saying he have to get ready for the next game (watching the clock at his wrist) 8 months. LOL :D
- Sir Matt was able to see United win the league again and also the fingers of God that made the unforgettable night in Barcelona when Solskjaer has won it was on Sir Matts birthday.

Best Non-United moments:

- The start of every season when Loserfool still think they are able to win the league. :D
- Rene Higuita's scorpio save on Jamies Redknapps shot.
- Some of the hightlights of Diego Maradona on the pitch
- When Cithe was relegated from PL and a year or two later got relegated from Division One. :D
- Citeh going to Faroe Isl. and fans travelling in style (by fishing boat). :D

Worst memories:

- May 29th 1985 at Heystelstadion.
- The Hillsborough Disaster
- Last seasons shame losing to Citeh twice.
- The idea of another summer with Ronaldo in 2009.
- Mark Vivien Foe's death on the pitch and since then a couple of more players had lost their lives while playing matches.
- Hooligans.

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ESPANA 82: after a bad starting against Poland, Perù, and Cameroon........ Italy had in sort a round with Argentina and Brazil, with Maradona and Zico: if the the initial victory against Argentina was fantastic (2-1), that one against Brazil was epic (3-2 with Paolo Rossi's hat-trick).............. Semifinal and final against Poland (again) and Germany were simply dominated

Champions' Cup 1982/83 : after years of english teams' domination, JUVE went to win at the Villa Park 2-1 with the rising star PLATINI: since that time, he was best player I've ever seen (Maradona included)

Serie A 1985/86: JUVE and AS Rome have got the same points when they go to play the second last match, both in their home: while JUVE defeat AC Milan, AS Rome collapse 3-2 against Lecce, that were the last ones in the rank and already relegated in second division since lots of weeks

UEFA Cup 1992/93: with fantastic performances in semifinals and finals, ROBERTO BAGGIO starts to enter football history

CH. League 1995/96: first match for JUVE in 9 years, at Borussia Dortmund home..... after a struggling beginning, the ball arrives on the feet of a young player.....instead of going towards the goal, he starts going back..... I thought:"Whyy ?? "....suddenly he let start a shot just under the set in the opposite site, stepping over the goalkeeper for an unbelieveble goal....... JUVE went to win 3-1: a star was born........since that game, he made 5 goals like that in 5 ( five !!) consecutive matches like that in Ch.LEAGUE.....his name is DEL PIERO

SERIE A 1996/97: one the of the best year for JUVENTUS, one of the worst for AC MILAN........... in march they match in S.Siro: nobody expected JUVE to win 1-6 !!!!

EURO 2000: against a wonderful Holland, at their home, Italy played the most struggling match I've ever seen.......... with 10 men because an early sent off in the first period, Italy passed through also 2 penalties, both missed by Holland ............. at the end, penalties shoot-out saw us win 4-1........... adding regular time and final penalties, Holland missed 5 on 6 !!!

SERIE A 2001/02: in the last match INTER leads the rank one point more than JUVE: they go to play against Lazio in Rome while Juve go to Udine..... Inter takes itself on 2-1 and seems all done......but then, 2-2......3-2 for Lazio ....4-2 !!!....while JUVE is easily winning in Udine 0-2 (Trezeguet, Del Piero)...... it's a last match overtaking for a unforgettable title

Ch. LEAGUE 2002/03, semifinal: one of the most impressive teams ever, defending champions Real Madrid with R.Carlos, Zidane, Raul, Figo, Ronaldo and still great players giving balance in the midfield (such Makelele and Cambiasso) seems to be predestinated to dominate the Cup......... but the first match at Bernabeu was not so favorable, just 2-1 against JUVE, who starts to believe in the great exploit: the second leg in Turin is a triumph for the black-whites..... Trezeguet, Del Piero and Nedved (next Golden Ball) took JUVE on a 3-0, while BUFFON neutralizes a penalty to FIGO..... the "Delle Alpi" had its most magic night, ruined but the totally useless Nedved's fault in a useless ball in the midfield..... he will miss the final for the yellow card....and all the JUVE with its leader

GERMANY 2006: last minute penalty against AUSTRALIA and the final part of the semifinal against Germany with the Grosso's and Del Piero's scoring got me simply crazy............ No comment about Grosso's penalty against France


Champions'Cup Final 1983: one of the greatest team ever, the JUVE of six Italy world champions and the stars Platini and Boniek misses completely the final against Hambourg after showing a wonderful football in all Europe

ITALY 90: italian dream ends in semifinal, after a shootout against a poor Argentina totally voted to destroy other side's game

CH.LEAGUE 1996/97 Final: another fantastic JUVE during the year, another wonderful team (Del Piero, Zidane, Vieri, Boksic, Jugovic, Peruzzi, ecc.) ends in another stupid final against some Borussia DORTMUND unknown (always beaten in all competitions those years)

Ch. LEAGUE 1997/98 Final : against a fantastic JUVE, Del Piero and Zidane are at the top of their career, as well as Inzaghi...... they score lots of goals, with Davids at their back ensuring protection ........... in the final against a poor Real MADRID (Sucker, Mijatovic, Karembeu) they don't succeed in doing anything...... The spanish side wins with a goal two metres in off-side

CH: LEAGUE 2002/03 Final: without the leader NEDVED, Juve loses the final against AC Milan, repeatedly beaten in the league and italian cups those years

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The 99 F.A. Cup semi-final replay
Getting our trophy back in 06/07
Everything about Roy Keane
Cantona vs. Sunderland
Scholes vs. Barca
Italy winning the World Cup
2006 World Cup Semi-Final in extra time.
Ole's famous 4

The death of George Best :( :(
Leeds fans' behavior during Munich moment of silence.
Losing to Leverkusen.
Becks being sold.
Taibi's entire career.
Cantona's retirement.

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jt penalty miss
andy cole
teddy late goal 99 final
ole goal 99 final
ole famous four
andy cole bycicle kick goal
rooney vs newca.....
. . ........ ....... ... ...derland
zidan e sent off world cuo final

06 juve relegated, we second
98 world cup croatia not winning it

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come back of 5 3 v/s spurs too good 5 goals in a half
bullet of eric Cantona v/s loserpool on 11 may 1996 fa cup final too good koz 11 may my birthday lol
super comeback 1999 but this i dont think no one can do it now
11 may 2008 and many more

bad is every goal miss against loserpool arsenal cheski
leaving of becks
and all disaster of man utd

and dream is
a good thrashing of loserpool of 8 - 0 or more
the big headline all over the world

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