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Best away fans

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Do we have the best away fans in uk? Im always arguing with mates who seem to think cause old trafford is quiet our away fans are. Been to many a away game and we always seem to be singing for the whole 90 mins.
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I may get slated on here, but liverpool fans do make a load noise at away grounds. Anfield might be a library lately but has to be said they are soundful on their travels
liverpool are getting quieter i think... and we are getting louder, especially at anfield and emirates
yeah I think we have the best away fans given we are probably the only club where a lot of the away fans, being also fc united fans, dont go to OT on a point of principle of opposing Glazer. therefore they are probably more dedicated over the last couple of years so I think we also beat the bindippers on this one too.

by the way did anyone see on Sky sports news Villa boasting about having a great atmosphere given that behind both goals only the home supprt are allowed to sit. Sure they were drowned out completely by reds fans and could only one hear one side singing e.g 12 days of Christmas for gthe entire 90 minutes. Oh those deluded Brummies!!!!
our away support as always been unreal even in the big grounds around europe in big games our fans can still be heard
Maccabi Haifi were the best away fans i have seen at OT
Not sure why this suddenly came to mind but I just wanted to say that I thought the Besiktas fans for the game in Turkey against Liverpool were amazing.

They were jumping up and down, waving their scarves around their heads and chanting for almost the entire game. Phenomenal support.
the best fans i have seen in a long time at OT were Villa worst would have to go to Fulham
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