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Favourite Stadiums

Beisdes our own Old Trafford, what are your favourite 3 stadiums?
- They can be from anywhere around the world.
- Football isn't the only sport that has to be played there.
(Thats why I posted it in here)
- Post a link or maybe a pic if you like

I dislike the circular stadiums like the Emirates etc, I prefer the square stadiums.

My fav 3:

1. Craven Cottage - Old stadium, great atmosphere and has a great look to it.

2. ANZ Stadium, Sydney - Love this stadium, atch all different sports in here. Great atmosphere with 85000 capacity. I witnessed one of my fav football moments here, when Australia qualified for the 2006 World Cup.

3. Stadion Wojska Polskiego - A stadium in the heart of the Polish capital. The home of my fav Polish club Legia and is close to where my dad grew up. I don't why but I really like this stadium.
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