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Best Finisher

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Who you thing think the best finisher at the club

Cristaino Ronaldo
Wayne Rooney
Carlos Tevez
Louis Saha
Paul Scholes
Ryan Giggs
any 1 else
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Good question although I think we can discard Michael Carrick from the list!

In his prime Paul Scholes was a great finisher but he's certainly not the best at the club at the moment.

Rooney has been struggling with his finishing this season, which I guess leaves Saha, Tevez and Ronaldo as the main contenders.

Ronaldo's finishing has been superb this season and he gets my vote. He's scored goals from in and out the box and I think the best example of his exemplary finishing is his turn and left-foot shot against Lyon at Old Trafford. That was a brilliant finish.
i would need to say it is a close call between ronaldo and saha(when he is fit)!!

ronaldo gets my vote at the moment because he is able to maintain his fitness throughout the warmup and start a game, however saha is a quality finisher wen he is fit and proved this in the 03/04 season by scorin about 20 goals by christmas!!!!!
ronaldo this season easily. when ronaldo gets a clear chance, he will put it away most of the time, but this is not the case with rooney this season.
Rooney needs to improve his finishing
At United, Scholes when he's at his best. Other than that Ronaldo, Nani, Tevez then Rooney in that order. In his prime Giggs but not so much these days.

However outside United there is only one... SHEVCHENKO! Return to Milan and make me dream again. Please.
Ronaldo wins hands down, no contest. I don't think Saha is actually a good
finisher when compared to RVN, Eto'o and Shevchenko (at Milan). He always
misses one v one's like Rooney so we need a clinical finisher who's versatile
enough to play anywhere across the front line (not the one in Iraq :rolleyes:)
ronnie all the way..he has been a wonderful finisher this season....but saha is also a good finisher when vote goes to ronnie from his perfomance this season.......but if saha gets a whole season...then it will be a close contest...

rooney really has to improve his finishing.....he has been woeful this season with 1 on 1's he tends to go for power instead of placement and that is not good.....he ahd to learn from his mistakes and he hasnt done so...

nani hes been a good finisher this season........tevez has not been bad also
but ronnie gets my vote
Current squad - Ronaldo, no argument.

All-time? Mark Hughes! Can't recall him ever fluffing chances ala Cole/Saha/Tevez/Rooney (although I was a huge fan of Andy Cole's :eek: )

or how could I forget Ole
futbol said:
alltime : cantona
All time...what about Ruud??
Scholesy on his day but Ronaldo has proved he can score from everywhere so has to be him at the moment!
Cristaino Ronaldo yes
Wayne Rooney NO
Carlos Tevez NO
Nani NO
Paul Scholes yes
Ryan Giggs yes
but all the time best finisher are CANTONA ANDY COLE VNR AND SOLSKJEAR
Lucky7 said:
Cristiano Ronaldo.

missed pen against west ham ?

cantona or r v n
In no particular order.......all these guys were lethal in front of goal:
Law, Charlton, Best, Taylor, Ruud, Cantona, Ronaldo, Whelan, Scholes
and of course Ole Gunnar (who probably hit the target more than any other player)
Ronaldo and Tevez could fight for this "title" to say it this way....Wayne still needs improoving on his finnishing
Not that the guy needs more accolades, but Ronaldo really is the best finisher in the squad at the moment.

And btw Nani is pretty good too.

I wish Solskjaer could give lessons in finishing to Rooney and Tevez.....
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