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in order to try and prove my point that the scousers were never going to and never will win the title this season, or at all under benitez thought i'd try and pick my scouser team from the early 80's on and see what comes matter how i tried there were hardly any recent players in it or anywhere near it, mostly players from their golden 80's period when i started watching football.
i just don't think they have the players or are anywhere near getting the quality of players they used to have and hence are nowhere near mounting a serious challenge to us, unless they get rid of rafa and go on a buying spree....given their finaces this aint going to be happening.

my squad is below and i reckon the abundance of old stars proves my point that ther current squad is NOWHERE NEAR US.

1. grobbelaar
2. phil neal
3. alan kennedy
4. carragher
5. hansen
6. souness
7. dalglish
8. beardsley
9. rush
10. gerrard
11. barnes


ronnie whelan

i dont think that team can be beaten!!!! and luckily its mostly 80's players , which to me proves my point that no matter what people think their present team/ squad are miles away from their glory days and still miles away from us.

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Don't gloat about Liverpool just yet, although their form has deteriorated, they have'nt become "has beens" overnight, and if a team is going to have a bad patch, now is the time to have it, not March / April...... Their challenge is not quite
over yet, and we still have a lot to do......points will be dropped by everyone. Torres will start banging them in at some point......

come on United !!!!!!

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Sorry but cant remember that long back,18 years since a league title,in recent times a Champions Lleague on 05[which Gerrald won
them by diving in the box from a challenge from Guttuso,who never touched him],the current squad
is dross except for maybe Gerrald and Torres[when fit]so if you are looking for a top Liverpool team you will have to back to the years
of 1977-84 when they where doing what we are doing now,winning in every department,so to sum up in recent times Liverpoo
have been hopeless and living in their history,which is now crumbling around them by Man Utd's NOW dominant form.Hope this helps.
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