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Best place to eat at Old Trafford???

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I'm going to the Man Utd v Inter game on August the 1st, I know Manchester well as I have been there many times but I've never been to a game before, does anyone recommend a good place to eat (that's not too crowded) before the game? I know about Lou Macari's Red devils fish and chip shop, outside the stadium, is that any good?
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No one eats inside Old Trafford, many bring there own grub in Tesco bags. You consider yourself to be a proper red get down to Macari's before the game and say hello to some of the proper match going reds, its the usual meet up spot for many on match day.
Thomas G said:
Just get a burger from outside the ground, dont spend any money inside.

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A"****ing"men ;)
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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