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Best place to eat at Old Trafford???

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I'm going to the Man Utd v Inter game on August the 1st, I know Manchester well as I have been there many times but I've never been to a game before, does anyone recommend a good place to eat (that's not too crowded) before the game? I know about Lou Macari's Red devils fish and chip shop, outside the stadium, is that any good?
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I normally go to the United chip shop, or is it the Red Devils chip shop. It has a serving window on the outside. That's nice in there. Go get chips and gravy and a few cans of Stella. Find a wall. Sorted.
Nearest one is the Bishops Blaize (used to be the Dog and Partridge RIP). I usually go in the Stretford Working Mens Club, but thats a bit of a walk away. BB is your best bet though.
Sorry, the BB is about 20 yards from Macari's.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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