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I'm surprised there isn't a thread on this already, or is there? I searched, and there didn't appear to be one, but if so, merge plz.

Anyway, who deserves this moniker? I've considered many, including the genuises of the 90s like Cantona, Bergkamp and Zola, and I can rule out all three quite simply. Cantona retired prematurely - and although had an excellent career - I'm ruling out for my personal selection, based on me being young when he reached the final year of his career - too young to appreciate him at least. Bergkamp joined Arsenal past his prime, and Zola, unfortunately, never had the stage to perform on.

Shearer is the next obvious candidate, but likewise Zola, never had the platform, and lacked honours to be considered amongst the best of them, excluding the Blackburn Premiership success. That's harsh I know, but people often exclude Best from the lists of greats, simply because of a lack of international honours, so it's justified in some respects.

There's also our two current loyal servants, who have been role models and faces of the Premiership for a decade now, in Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs. For me, they're forever considered amongst the very best, in the world. They're in that elite group. However, I'm not going to consider them, because they simply don't have a quality which my two final candidates have - and I can't choose between them...

The first would be Roy Keane. I don't think I can say anything which people haven't already said. He's the measuring stick for a footballer, and possibly the best leader the game has ever seen. My second candidate, controversially, Thierry Henry. I mentioned they both have a quality which my previous candidates lack or lacked, and that's the ability to carry a team to a result, to inspire them. Keane's got a reputation of motivating players, and being tough when need be. Henry does or did it in a more subtle manner. He's not the leader that Roy Keane is, but he is simply an inspiration, and motivates those around him. I'd say he's responsible for the development of a lot of Arsenal's current stars, like Fabregas and Van Persie. You only have to look at their result against us in early 2007, when we lead for so long with Rooney, only to be beat with a late surge from the Gunners, including an Henry winner or equaliser, can't remember now.

Those are my two front-runners, and as I said, I can't choose between them. They might be surpassed by Ronaldo, or even Rooney one day, but for now, that's my opinion.


· could it be anyone else? He brought everything to the premiership and was the first real icon. When everyone else was just a simple footballer he was exquisite, a poet, a controversial character and a hero.

I was still quite young when he retired so i cried, i took my football went into the back garden and must have smashed against the garden wall for a good couple of hours before turning up my collars and slotting home penalties into the bottom corner of an empty goal.

Cantona...A Real LEGEND!

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1.Peter Schmeichel :)

2.Eric Cantona
3.Thiery Henry

4.Ryan Giggs
5.Alan Shearer
6.Roy Keane
8.Paul Scholes
9.Patrick Vieira
10.Dwight Yorke

then comes : Beckham Zola Di Canio Bruce Ince Andy Cole Ronaldo Van Der Sar

Maybe i have the weirdest list on here :|
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