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Olof Mellberg on free transfer from Villa to Juve. Ranieri is giving Mellberg top ratings after every game and has been telling the Italian football experts who said Mellberg is just a squad player that Olof Mellberg will be one of the best centre back in Serie A, if not the best. So far Mellberg have done a good job for his new club.
Ivan Klasnic also on free transfer to Nantes. After his surgery we can only hope Ivan the great can get back to his best. If he does, getting him on a free transfer will be one of the best signings of the summer.

Spanish Euro Champion and La Liga top goal scorer Guiza moving to Turkey was the biggest surprise after Etoos unexpected visit to Uzbekistan. Aragones as manager was probably the reason for his move to Fenerbahce. He did cost a lot but his scoring form from last season and move to the Brazilian influenced turkish team with the Euro Champ coach will indeed be interesting to follow. Fenerbahce was one of the positive surprises of last seasons Champions League play with Zico as manager.

And the best for last. Our next signing (if theres one coming). :)

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Flamini for free has surely got to be up there?

But Ronaldinho COULD be an amazing signing if he manages to get himslf back on track foi a decent amount of time.

Nasri will be a hell of a player aswell, he'll probably make an immediate impact.

I might aswell say the worst and thats Crouch for Pompey. He's definately 'at his level' but I think he'll make pompey too predictable.

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If were talking about anywhere then Barzaglis move to Wolfsburg was good for Wolfsburg, especially as quite a few big clubs were looking at Barzagli.

In the Premiership I'd have to agree with Cappy, Modric was a great capture.

But obviously our signing will beat everyone elses when/if we sign them.

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Obviously Ronaldinho is always a great signing. He'll get back to fitness again. :)

On pre season form Bentley may in fact be better than the already exceptional Dos Santos and I haven't seen enough of Modric to comment.

However here is my list for the top 5 BARGAIN transfers of the summer

1. Carlos Cuellar (Rangers to Aston Villa) - I was wondering how O'Neil planned to replace an experienced and quality center back in Melberg.

2. Sulley Muntari (Portsmouth to Inter Milan) - I feel a little sorry I never took the time to notice this guy & now he's gone.

I should've realised that anyone who can start in a midfield containing Michael Essien & Steven Appiah must be special.

3. Van De Vaart (Hamburg to Real Madrid) - Personally taking into account his abilities as a footballer, 12 or 13 million is peanuts for someone of his calibre.

I personally believe his passings of a far higher standard than Sneijder, no disrespect intended to Sneijder, & if he can add goals he deserves to be first choice.

4. Alberto Gillardino (AC Milan to Fiorentina) - He definitely doesn't desrve the tag of being a big club failure. He scored 36 goals in 9 games for Milan.

If that's failure then what's success? Gila is just a players who prefers quick play and takes opportunistic goals.Milan favour a slower build up.

5. Carlos Villanueva (Audax Italiano to Blackburn Rovers - Loan) - I've only seen a few highlights packages of this guy but what I've seen fills me with hope.

He COULD, could, I say, be something very special. Or not. Still look him up on youtube. It's worth it and you may be impressed. :)

Honourable mentions to Ezequiel Garay (Racing Santadar to Real Madrid), Daniel Alves (Sevilla to Barcelona) & Renato Augusto (Flamengo to Bayer Leverkusen).
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