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Hey again guys
If you were to pick a list of 3 players who you would love Sir Alex to sign to United next season who would they be ?

1) Berbatov
2) Sergio Ramos
3) Bojan

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1. Sergio Ramos - He's the only definite signing I would want.

Other than that I'd like to see some unexpected signings. I know trying to buy from City would be pushing it but...

I bet you're all thinking Richards, right? Wrong. Michael Johnson. Very impressive i my opinion & definitely worth a gander.

Also I'm a fan of some young players who have gone to bigger clubs and not quite broken through. I'm not saying we should sign any of the following

but I would like to see more of them just to satisfy my cuiosity. Yoann Gorcuff & Bosko Jankovic.

Gorcuff is a young French midfielder with a great shot on him & Jankovic was one of the stars at the same U21 Championships that got Babel etc noticed.

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Nemanjaaa said:
Yes is thhis what we want or realistic if soo ...

Realistically ...

1. Lahm

that isn't realistic. Lahm has just signed a new contract and Benzema is staying at Lyon, and when he decides to leave he says he wants to go to Italy or Spain.



an awesome goal scoring attacking midfielder, not sure who atm.
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