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was thinking about this the other day with my girlfriend and we in the end agreed to disagree, ok we only compared 99's team to the current team and she says 99 was better and i say the team from now is better :eek: i worked it out by comparing each position to get a final 11 and then i had more of the current team in the lineup so say thats the better team (i didnt do the full squad so this may have an impact on the final outcome)

Schmeichel vs VDS
G.Neville (99) vs Rafael
Stam vs Ferdinand
Johnson vs Vidic
Irwin vs Evra
Beckham (99) vs Ronaldo
Scholes (99) vs Scholes
Keane vs Carrick
Giggs (99) vs Giggs
Rooney vs Cole
Yorke vs Berbatov

--Ronaldo--Keane--Scholes (99)--Giggs (99)--
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