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probably been done before , wondering who you reckon are the biggest underachieving club in the history of english football, talking in terms of size of the club, support, where they are based, what they have or havent won and amount of money they have invested.
my own personal choice is birmingham city........massive city and fanbase yet they have hardly ever won anything except the odd second rate cup a couple of times, being in such a massive city they should have enourmous backing and momentum yet they never have achieved anything of note. over the last decade or so they have had the sullivan/gold cash and created a great little stadium ( which even in the premiership they still failed to fill) and invested in players but it always seems to go pear shaped.
permanently in the shadow of the villa, who are among the top 4 most successful clubs in england i reckon the blues must be a candidate for most for the title os most underachieving
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